Sop: Its Power

Sop, a piece of food, especially bread, dipped or soaked in a liquid, e.g. soup. During my childhood days, my favourite sop was bread in tea; it gave me some sense of satisfaction more. Taking sops is one way of meeting your egos or self-acclaimed thoughts.

Today, I want to talk about the power of sop, how effectual it is in our lives e.g. the communal bread and wine. In John 13:21-30 when Jesus was about being glorified, Jesus gave Judas Iscariot sop so he would speed up the process. Judas couldn’t have done anything without the sop. Note that though this sop was to allow Satan to enter into Judas fully, I would be referring to the Holy Ghost in other instances.

Sop (communion) has the power to heal sicknesses and also enable one to do the impossible. I remember back on campus, sometimes studying or passing exams didn’t come easy; it was ‘communion’ that gave me strength and zeal to study. Sometimes my day would be bored with doing nothing and lying idle, through those times it was sop that straightened me and set me up on my feet.

Another SOP we had on campus was School Of Prayer. This was organized at the end of every semester to pray into the vacation. Being in a highly saturated spiritual environment on campus and going home was like burning out the flames and turning into ashes. The flame that you’ve been lit up dies away and all that is left of you is chaff. Through programmes like these, we were always fired up so we would come back to campus still on fire.

There are many sops to talk about today, one like camp-based evangelisms, which was a great way of soul winning and also sharpening each other. We also had Bible studies and worship services, where anointing and gifts were released. With programmes and events like these, one was always prepared and willing.

Sop has power to transform bodies, not only communal bread with wine but any food that you pray over and take as sop. It can bring healing to your body if it is soup or other like fruit/vegetable juice. Taking sops does not only cause changes in your physical body but also rejuvenates your spirit to see and hear marvellous things hidden. These are some of the powers of sop worth unearthing.

From this day forward, I pray you take sop more often so your eyes will be opened to the things that you’ve never seen. I pray you will be raised to the level where you walk in wonders your life, and things that you say or do become wonderful. I pray you receive life and life everlasting as you take sop and commune with the Father. God bless you.


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