The Great Commission: Recapped

I believe y’all might know the Christian Great Commission, to evangelize to all people in the world. This great commission involves preaching to everybody and not necessarily winning them (cp. Matthew 24:14).

I believe many know what the great commission is about, like going from house to house preaching the word to peoples or sharing it one on one. However, in this 21st century, what does the great commission mean?

With the advent of the internet and advanced technology, so much has changed in this world and so must the word of God be adapted. In this 21st century, going out into all the world also means reaching out to people through the internet. Once they click on your post and read it, you have reached out to them, whatever country they may be in.

You don’t have to be at places in person in order to reach them, you could be where you are but by your word which you share, reach out to thousands and even millions of people. This could be the 21st century meaning of the great commission. By the power invested in Christ Jesus, we are more than ever prepared to witness the Gospel to the whole world.

One of my main reasons for starting this blog is because of this great commission. We all may not be bold to stand before people and preach to them but with the little brevity, we could do so faceless. We all may not have the time to go out to places and preach but the little time we have, we could pen down something that would bless someone’s life.

Of course there are hampers to this 21st century rendering of this great commission. We cannot baptize over the internet or draw one to church but the focus is not us. We are more concerned about helping others than lauding it to ourselves. In such circumstances, we direct people to attend a bible believing church near them.

So, this is a great way of ministering to people especially people who are seeking for answers. In today’s world where a lot of things do not make sense, we deliver word as much as possible, on all the kinds of stuff people search for. Our prayer has always been that by writing blogs like these, we could be of help.

I am just here to tell you that there are more ways of reaching out to people than you already know. Your statuses on social media can be a great way of evangelism. God bless you as you pursue this great commission.


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