Confessions Of A Demon

These are the confessions of a demon, one that was caught when he had just obtained his witchcraft. Had it been many weeks, months, or years, he would have been irredeemable. Speaking naturally, everybody has a devil in him/her and it is when he/she is threatened or in trouble that you see the devil in... Continue Reading →


The High Calling

Imagine that big/great promotion you’ve been waiting for. Well, there is a bigger or greater than that promotion awaiting you, if you press on. There is no higher calling than the calling of Jesus Christ, than the call to salvation and eternal life, than the call to God. We all have a call or calling,... Continue Reading →

Sorrows In Marriage

We know that marriage is a blessing from God, as Proverbs 18:22 proclaims, “Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing…” But we also know that marriage is not all that a pleasurable thing, at least not always. There are problems in marriage, and some problems are only peculiar to married couples. There are challenges... Continue Reading →

The Third Ring Of Marriage

I’m feeling a bit light-headed today so I thought of writing something worth reading. There are three rings in marriage that one wears. They are the engagement ring, the wedding ring and suffer-ring. We already know the first two so lemme jump straight to the third. Many couples love to wear the first two rings... Continue Reading →

Who We Are…

…and why we are here. This is the million-dollar question that the 21st century human being asks. Sadly for some, the answers provided are not sufficient/ convincing, or probably not what they are looking for. If you are such a person, perhaps this message may be for you. In each and every life that God... Continue Reading →

This is a message God is touching my heart to share with someone in particular. Your life has been retrogressing; everything seems to turn backward. Could it be the way you confess things you hear with your mouth? is not the name of that rapper but a term I’ve coined. When you separate the... Continue Reading →

30 Pieces Of Silver

In the prophetic sense, 30 pieces of silver was the price of a servant (Zechariah 11:12). As Moses coded, servant was to be given 30 pieces of silver when an ox of his master’s hurt him (Exodus 21:32). Jesus Christ being the servant of the Most High God was sold to the high priests by... Continue Reading →

Genesis 1:1 Commentary

Genesis 1:1  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. In the beginning… when the heaven and earth hadn't been created, when God was all alone by Himself and no angels or elders sitting with Him. The beginning denotes time, when years weren't measured by the years of reigns of kings, when man... Continue Reading →

The Joy Of Salvation

The joy of salvation is the joy one has when God works salvation in his/her life. Remember that time when you first became born again? How happy you must have been, when you were filled with joy after hearing the Good News. That is one aspect of the joy of salvation. In today’s note, I... Continue Reading →

Five (5) Bad Office Habits

The office is a place where all kinds of people meet together for a common goal- to be productive. We come from different homes and so our characters are different. When one is in the office, there are certain criteria to adhere to and most times, these rules miss out on the moral ones. Is... Continue Reading →

It’s Possible

Do you know that it is easier doing something when it is possible or within your means? It is easier meeting your needs when you have money and that income is regular. It is possible to do any work when you have qualification in the required field. Everything you want to achieve is possible if... Continue Reading →

The Sower’s Seed And Ground

Seeds are structures viable enough for another plant life. When you plant seeds, you are not only sowing but also commanding another plant life, provided you meet the necessary requirements for germination and growth. Our knowledge should not only be limited to plant life. When Jesus gave the parable of the sower in Luke 8:4-15,... Continue Reading →

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