Weighted Beatings

Gone were the days when a student was beaten for how poorly he performed academically. Now, that has been banned. There were times too when students were beaten publicly for gross misconduct, but those days are over. We are still mourning the days when this bill was passed in parliament.

Today, we have all sorts of misconducts and malpractices and teachers are helpless in doing anything about it because they’ve been barred. The punishments that used to straighten pupils have been taken out of the system, and students are spoiling day in day out.

Like they say, “Spare the rod and spoil the child”. This was the motto that persisted in our day and for most part, was the rule. No form of correction was administered without beating first. Foolishness was driven far away by it but then, there were some people who did not let their foolishness go. They held on to it by improvising smart methods to sustain their pains.

Were/are students foolish, as I seem to imply? I do not think so but then we could say that. They did not have the wisdom to study and not just pass but excel in their tests and exams. As we always said, “all work and no play made Jacky a dull boy”. So students played and played games with little learning.

Now there is a debate as to whether to allow children to play all the time or blend it with learning. My view is, children learn easily through games. If there is a way to get children to learn, it is by turning it into a game. My argument being, “is it not the same brain our children use in playing games that they use in studying? So they are good at games but not in books.”

Weighted beatings! Students were given stripes based on the number of ‘wrongs’ they had below a certain pass mark. It was like a game or fun to some teachers, as they exercised their hands on students. I never really got to escape the rod because I was an average student. Never liking beatings and never studying to pass, I was hanging between the ladder of academic success. I never really got pass it as I strove to escape the rod as much as I could. Recently, I remembered an incident that made me think, “what was the purpose or essence of all those beatings?”

Now that it’s been banned, our students keep failing and performing poorer. Is it because whipping has been banned – and so the students fool about – or because the curricula is getting more intense? Anyway, this is a gross concern to me, “In what ways can we improve learning and academic excellence without weighted beatings?”

The ladder is/keeps falling and so are our students; we must find ways to save them else one day, this nation would have no people to save it. These are my views on the rampant beatings that happened at schools and how – now that it’s been banned, – it is affecting academic performance. I do not ask for it to be reinstated, but for us to find ways to save our nation. God bless you.


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