The Sower’s Seed And Ground

Seeds are structures viable enough for another plant life. When you plant seeds, you are not only sowing but also commanding another plant life, provided you meet the necessary requirements for germination and growth. Our knowledge should not only be limited to plant life.

When Jesus gave the parable of the sower in Luke 8:4-15, he was not just talking about a farmer’s habit but preachers of the word of God. When the word of God is preached, not all of it produce growth in the hearer. Some fall on death ears, some on distracted minds, and others on obedient hearts.

Were all not in the same room when the Word was preached? But practically, not all are fully receptive of the word because their hearts (ground) are different. Just as we have different types of soil, so we have different types of hearts. Some hearts are hard, others stony, and others of fleshy nature. Not all hearts seek God, and so some hearts are carnal.

My goal here is not to talk about the seed because in anyway, the word of God is very powerful, vibrant and vital. There is no way you would sow the word of God in a fertile land that it wouldn’t produce fruits, if one believes (Mark 9:23). The problem is with our hearts and if we can work it out, we would soon know that every seed is a likely tree that produces fruits (cp. Revelation 22:2).

How To Have A Fruitful Heart

One way to ensure plant productivity is to have a fertile and viable land, not a land devoid of nutrients. So, in order for our hearts to reproduce faith-rich work and life, we must and need to work on it. Using Jesus’ parable, I will show you how.

First, we must not busy ourselves going about here and there or up and down. I do not speak against some preachers but preaching in the market way or wayside only falls on impatient hearts. In order to digest the word of God and be fed by it, one must sit down, relax and listen in order to absorb every bit of it. Else, like Jesus said, they hear it and the Devil snatches it from them.

Second, we must do away with all the fables that do not produce faith in us. In order to have a faith-full house, one must be grounded in the word of God. Faith is like a house being built, what you hear builds it. It is not the mere jumping or shouting at the sound of the word of God that produces endurance, it is rooting yourself in it. In order to endure temptation and overcome it, one has to depend on the word of God. Even Jesus Christ who is the Word and Son of God still leaned on the word of God before he was able to overcome Satan (Matthew 4:1ff).

Third, we have to put away worldly or fleshly desires, every desire that is not pleasing to God the Father. Having thorns or weeds grow in your garden only depletes the soil of its precious nutrients. The cares of this life, riches, and pleasures are three things that deprive the heart of its faith in God. Instead of believing in God, we believe in what we have. These three take our attention/ focus towards God and produce in us a double, doubtful or wavering mind.

Lastly, we must keep the word of God when we hear it, like it is that precious to us. The word of God are like marbles/ precious stones that enriches and blesses our lives; they are like gold nuggets. To have a fertile heart, one must prepare his heart and mind when hearing God’s word, so that nothing will take it away from him/her. Once the ground is fertile, all is set for productivity. Note that it takes time for a seed to germinate, grow and bear fruit.

These are the few tips I have and want to share with you about the seed and ground. I hope it’s blessed you as much as it has to me. I pray you produce wonderful fruits in God’s vineyard. God bless you.


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