It’s Possible

Do you know that it is easier doing something when it is possible or within your means? It is easier meeting your needs when you have money and that income is regular. It is possible to do any work when you have qualification in the required field. Everything you want to achieve is possible if you set your foot to it.

Today, I want to talk about something possible Jesus did which many considered impossible (John 11:1-45).

Jesus raised a man back to life after he had died from sickness. This man, whom we know to be Lazarus, died within few days after falling sick. The Jews knew Jesus to be a master healer, i.e. he could heal all kinds of sicknesses, both demonic-caused and medical ones but could he bring someone back to life?

The great feat came when Lazarus had a sickness that could lead to his death. His relatives hurried when they knew Jesus was around. To them, Jesus had never raised a man from death and so they wanted to rush him before Lazarus died from the sickness.

But Jesus said, “this sickness is not unto death” i.e. this sickness is not one that would lead to death. Was Jesus a liar because Lazarus died anyway from the sickness? I do not believe so; Jesus or God had a greater purpose, and that was, to reveal His Son to the world (John 11:42). After this miracle, Jesus raised another person from the dead to prove his power over death.


How could a man have been so calm when his relative was dying? But Jesus showed great restraint when his best friend and brother was sick and dying. He proved his own words in Mark 9:23 which says, “all things are possible to the one that believes and has faith”. By faith in His loving Father, Jesus raised Lazarus from death (John 11:41).

It couldn’t have been any better, and I can’t say it any better, that a man could raise another from dead. Note that this was just four days after Lazarus had died, whilst his body was intact being preserved by the spices, which they had learnt from the Egyptians during Joseph’s time.

A similar miracle happened in their history past during Elisha’s time (2 Kings 13:21). A said dead man’s body touched the bones of Elisha and came back to life. All these prove that it is possible to bring people back to life.

The greatest possibility is yet to come, when God will raise all men that have lived on this earth back to life on Judgment Day. I am one person that believes that one can be replicated from his DNA (bones); we only do not have the technology yet.

I just want to know that anything is possible if you believe. Everything is within your reach if your focus is unflinching. God bless you.


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