Five (5) Bad Office Habits

The office is a place where all kinds of people meet together for a common goal- to be productive. We come from different homes and so our characters are different. When one is in the office, there are certain criteria to adhere to and most times, these rules miss out on the moral ones.

Is it that our offices have become a ‘moral-less’ ground or that there’s just no room for it. Here, I want to hint at five (5) main habits, which I think are bad for productivity in the office. The aim of every company is to meet its goals and if these happen in the office, how would we ever progress.

  1. Gossiping; sure, it will surprise you to know it is not the smartphone that hampers a company’s productivity, it is gossiping. The smartphone has become a facilitator for such gossips where co-workers pass out messages to each other. Apart from gossiping producing a high-tone conversation, which is a form of noise-making, it does and is a time-waster.

Reasoning with you, how would your gossip help improve the working conditions of the company? I may be the quiet type but then I think “too much of anything is bad”. There is a place to channel queries or concerns if there is the need to, we just have to use it as much as possible to reduce unproductivity.

  1. Sneering/Jeering; too many a times, one sure way co-workers use to silence each other is jeering, making light of what they say or do. To say, not everybody can accommodate such attitudes. These usually come in the forming of teasing and ‘name-calling’, which creates some sense of ‘unseriousness’ in the workplace. When applying correction or want to correct someone, there is a measure to which you can mete; overdoing it does not help you or the company in anyway.


  1. Joking; so far, you will have realized that most of the bad habits have to do with talking. Yes, talking more leads you to do less. The two cannot be mixed together or done simultaneously as they each require the same amount of attention. Unless your work is customer care related/ centred, chatting is one of the few work options. Jokes are breathers; they take your focus off what you’re doing for a while. Unless you are stressed with work, bored, tensed or perhaps have too much workload and want to ease off, passing jokes can be a distraction instead of being a facilitator.


  1. Noise-making; these come in the form of playing music, leaving the radio/TV on high volume or other. Unlike my natural work environment (i.e. construction) where there is a lot of noise, any other form of noise is unacceptable as they can distract the brain or one’s focus and even be disturbing. All the same, the mind needs a little noise in the background in order to stay focussed and prevent boredom, though not everybody is tolerant to this. Whilst trying to keep yourself or the office entertained or enthused, the focus should also be on not making it the main activity.


  1. Absence; I’m not just talking about absenteeism, where people’s salaries are slashed for missed number of workdays. I’m talking about reporting to work but being nowhere to be found. This is by far worse than the first four mentioned. I believe one is paid for the number of hours he works even if it’s a monthly salary system. The notion is and has always been, that once you are at work you are working. If in any case you need to be out or somewhere else, there are people to communicate that to, especially your boss.

These are the few pointers I want to hint at, which I think, are bad habits in the workplace. If they need to be exercised anywhere, it shouldn’t be in the office. As you know or may have realized, human disciplining is one of the great feats worth achieving. You can’t be on the toes of workers all the time as you need to be at your work also. So, one way to curb these behaviours is to reward or motivate those who adhere to it so they can keep their ethics up.

Thank you for passing by and reading to the end. I pray you have a wonderful work time. Stay blessed.


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