The Joy Of Salvation

The joy of salvation is the joy one has when God works salvation in his/her life. Remember that time when you first became born again? How happy you must have been, when you were filled with joy after hearing the Good News. That is one aspect of the joy of salvation.

In today’s note, I want to consider the joy of salvation- what it is and how we can receive it.

David prayed a prayer after he had fallen, “Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation…” (Psalms 51:12). Most often than not, we have to face the reality that the joy and love we have for God dwindles over time by our continual sinning and shortcomings. It was for this cause David prayed the prayer in order to be restored, in order to receive that joy when God first wrought his salvation.

There are other times that when someone or something saves us, we rejoice for a moment. In that moment, it is like we want to tell or let the whole world know what it is that just happened in our life. These are discreet salvation God works in our lives to redeem us, and it has little to do with one’s eternal salvation.

For example, you forgot your purse, boarded a taxi and the driver wouldn’t or doesn’t want to understand you. He thinks you want to cheat him, and then a passenger sitting by agrees to pay the fare for you. In that instant, that passenger saved you from shame and disgrace.

These are the forms of joy one has when God saves him/her from something or someone. It only takes a prayer of faith to receive this joy, to pray that God give, restore, or let you know what it is like to have the joy of His salvation. After you’ve prayed this prayer, wait for it(’s manifestation); do not wander about. God bless you.


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