30 Pieces Of Silver

In the prophetic sense, 30 pieces of silver was the price of a servant (Zechariah 11:12). As Moses coded, servant was to be given 30 pieces of silver when an ox of his master’s hurt him (Exodus 21:32). Jesus Christ being the servant of the Most High God was sold to the high priests by Judas Iscariot for 30 pieces of silver (Matthew 27:9). There is no doubt that 30 pieces of silver is of great value.

It surprises me that the Son of God was sold for only 30 pieces of silver, silver being inferior amongst the metals. Silver was the money (currency) amongst the common people, which they used in trading. Though sometimes used in arts, it had much worth amongst the simple, as we see it being compared to wisdom and understanding (Proverbs 3:13-14).

Today is my thirtieth (30th) birthday and this is how I want to remember it, “Each year has been one piece of silver, something worth to offer”. No doubt, it’s been great but there’s also been setbacks. I’ve had my nuggets, sold some off, and still looking for more. After 3 ½ years of blogging, I can say that it’s paying me off.

There is no greater worth than being bought for the word of God. There is no greater value than being sold for the word of God or truth that you preach. Like the 30 pieces of silver, this is my value; this is my worth. Nothing much I can offer than these pieces of silver nuggets; your life is worth more, because you have been bought with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Dear reader, remember me in your prayers when you are praying. I really have great visions and a lot more to share with this world. There are a lot more I feel I can do but which are not coming out. By your prayers, I believe I can be better and offer/do better than I am already.

Thank you for passing by, God bless you.


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