Who We Are…

…and why we are here. This is the million-dollar question that the 21st century human being asks. Sadly for some, the answers provided are not sufficient/ convincing, or probably not what they are looking for. If you are such a person, perhaps this message may be for you.

In each and every life that God has created and put on this earth, there is a purpose for that life and that life includes you and me (rf. Ecclesiastes 3:1&17). We were made for a reason; not just to glorify God or praise and worship Him but to be in line with His divine will. Hebrews 10:7 declares, which was taken from Psalms 40:7-8,

Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.

We all came to this earth or were brought to this earth to do God’s will or fulfill His purpose for our lives. We are like chessmen on a chessboard; we make one move at a time against the opposition. In relation to each other, we move in one accord i.e. to take down the king of darkness.

You might say, “I am not a Christian so how does this apply to me”. Well, it doesn’t take a child of God to do what God wants. We are all children of God no matter what, but be certain that being born again is the one and surest way to be with God in the new heaven and earth. We came to do God’s will, and that may be

  1. Coming up/out with a new invention
  2. Starting a consumer-based care centre
  3. Teaching kids the word of God
  4. Helping the poor and elderly

If you know 1 Corinthians 12:4-7, you would realize that these are aspects of the gifts of God that we’ve been graced with. It doesn’t always have to be the church or related to the church before we know we are doing God’s will. Put in mind that what you do has to please God.

As to who we are, we are God’s own. If our life were a novel, we would be wonderful characters in God’s holy book. Like one said, “Who am I? If the bible were to be rewritten, what character would I be? Would I be Jezebel or David?” So, we know that there are wonderful pages in God’s will that are waiting to be fulfilled in our lives. We are God’s story on earth that men and angels read daily (cp. 2 Corinthians 3:2).

This is who we are and why we are here. If you’ve been searching or asking, perhaps it’s time to pray to God and ask what it is that you are really here for. Usually, you will discover this (or these*) as you grow up- the things you love to do is your calling, and could be your purpose on earth. I hope this message has helped you. God bless you.

P.S.: Like the image featured above, we are God’s children and we are here to build ourselves up.


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