Sorrows In Marriage

We know that marriage is a blessing from God, as Proverbs 18:22 proclaims, “Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing…” But we also know that marriage is not all that a pleasurable thing, at least not always. There are problems in marriage, and some problems are only peculiar to married couples. There are challenges and difficult times in marriage, as there is in anybody’s life.

In this piece, I want to consider the sorrows of marriage, what sorrows one would have when he/she is married.

I think I may have gotten this saying from 1 Corinthians 7:28, “Them that marry shall have sorrows in this life”. The truth of this saying cannot be denied however, as those who are married can testify.

  1. Unlike when you are single, there is someone you are emotionally attached to when you are married, and that can be a weakness or be used against you. The sight or hearing of one being sick can make you devastated, as you care about this relation
  2. There is or may be someone you lean on or who leans on you, and that feeling may not always be mutual. When you are married, your ‘hands are tied’. You are bound to help this person no matter what, because they are closely related to you

When you are single, there is little to care for because you live alone. Singleness doesn’t mean irresponsibility, it just means you have other things more important to you than marriage.

All the cares and responsibilities tied to marriage can bring one sorrow(s) as I deem. The question to ask is, are these healthy or unhealthy? It can be burdensome or stressful sometimes, depending on the individual’s resilience to such stressors.

All the same, the sorrows in marriage do not outweigh the joy. There are good to enjoy in marriage, and that, for most people is sex. Apart from this good, there are blessings and respect too, which only married persons receive. There are opportunities that are only available for married couples, and the bachelors can testify.

I just want you to know that marriage is not all sorrowful. My goal isn’t to prevent you from marrying but to enlighten you. As you can see, there are many people married and many people still rushing to get married. That means if there were troubles or as many sorrows in marriage, many would opt out or opt to stay single. I hope this piece has taught you something. God bless you.


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