Confessions Of A Demon

These are the confessions of a demon, one that was caught when he had just obtained his witchcraft. Had it been many weeks, months, or years, he would have been irredeemable. Speaking naturally, everybody has a devil in him/her and it is when he/she is threatened or in trouble that you see the devil in him/her.


People ‘go for’ juju for a whole lot of reasons. Most people go for it for protection, because there are many evil men in the world who would destroy your destiny or life when you wrong them. So, these justify their intentions as not for any bad purpose but to stay safe.

Some go for juju because they want to succeed at the expense of others, because life hits them hard. What they do not know is, in order to succeed according to the doctrine of the witches, another man’s place must be taken or expended. You cannot judge another man’s success for having juju but when you see too much selfishness, that could mean they were treated the same way when they were rather poor. According to one of my thoughts, this world is cursed and the very few who rise above it treat others as sh*t. “Are they illuminati?”

Some people go for juju for revenge, when their friends or family maltreats them. These ones are justifiable, because they do it to show strength when in fact they are weak. When you see someone too stubborn or disrespectful, it could be/mean that they have juju. And because they have juju, they do not care about anything because in the end, they would have the upper hand.

Some also go for juju for breakthrough, that is, they seek the help of fetish priests in order to breakthrough. We find this in schools and the academia or elsewhere in the professions where people are exceptionally good but their lifestyle does not prove so. Others go for juju in order to have respect or loyalty. These are trivial reasons for one to put his/her life in the Devil’s hand. To what profit do they do these, selling their souls?

So these are some of the reasons why people go for juju.


Aside these reasons, I want to consider one aspect of witchcraft- gainsaying, what our locals call ‘akakabensɛm’. The Bible talks about gainsaying in some respect (Luke 21:15). Gainsaying is not just having the say or winning an argument, it is bewitching others by your profuse point/opinion, which in reality isn’t sensible. In Africa, this is what gainsaying is.

There are many gainsayers in the world, and the Jews were a gainsaying people (Romans 10:21). They always rebelled against God by their gainsaying, by their opinions and not what was right. There are people who always feel they are right and others wrong, and these people can sometimes be loathsome because they do not take other people’s opinions. There are others who debunk what everybody says just to prove their own point, and sometimes they do have a point but it is just out-blown.

This is just one aspect of witchcraft; I am not a witch so I do not know the others.


So these are the confession of the demon, one that was caught many years ago in my schizophrenic thoughts. Would you be able to recognize a demon when you see one? At least from what I’ve given, you should be able to. Hint: There are some pastors whose ‘effect’ on you is like the working of a demon, you should check these. Not all men of God are really anointed of God. God bless you.


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