Blood Covenants

There are covenants and there are blood covenants, i.e. a covenant that involves blood. People enter into blood covenants without knowing the implications. In this note, I would like to bring that out. Before entering into a blood covenant, weigh the negative repercussions against the positive and know whether it is helpful. There are types of blood covenants or kinds and I will be listing a few here.

In the Old Testament era, Moses sprinkled the blood of the goats on the people of Israel, which was mixed with water anyway, as a sign of a covenant to the people (Hebrews 9:19-21). The Israelites entered into a covenant with God, which is why God punishes and has the right to punish them when they sin against Him. This is one type of blood covenant, which is, through the sacrifice of animals. Some drink the blood of the animal offered instead of it being sprinkled on them, which is common amongst traditionalists.

In the New Testament, Jesus ushers us into a new covenant with God through the shedding of his blood. The communion wine, which we drink, is a kind of blood covenant to remind us of the crucifixion which he (Jesus) went through on our behalf. However, the communion is not just to remind us but also to remit us from our sins. This is another type of blood covenant, which is, by human sacrifice. NB: The Son of God was crucified to abolish all forms of sacrifice.

In modern times, most people are used to or know about the blood covenant where the hand is cut and blood exchanged or drank between two or more persons. As usual, this is as binding on the individuals involved as it is with the first two types already mentioned. If you know of blood groups and rhesus factors, you would know that this is not healthy as the mixing of two incompatible blood types can cause coagulation of the cells and lead to death even.

There is a last one, a type of blood covenant, which some people take for granted- sex. Marriage was instituted for a reason, to keep the man and woman from any form of unplanned binding relationship. When you have sex with someone, it is like giving a part of yourself to another person, just as Judah gave a token to his daughter-in-law for having sex with her as a prostitute (rf. Genesis 38). From all I know, there is no good news or result when one has sex outside of marriage, whether it is before marriage or an extra-marital affair. This is one type of blood covenant, which is ‘concerted’ through sex.

I would use a scenario to explain how debilitating this ‘sex covenant’ can be. Taking the human being as a Sellotape, having sex with multiple people weakens the bond that is built with each subsequent one. Do you now understand why you cannot stick to any one man or woman after the first break up or divorce? Sex can be a gift from God for married couples to enjoy with but it can also be a destroyer of a promising marriage life.

I would advise you to detach from all sorts of blood covenants, even that with Christ. Do not take communion if you know you are not ready to be committed. Communion wine is very binding on the soul; it can create hell for you instead of heaven. I hope you’ve advised yourself with this note. God bless you.


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