Past Glorying

Sometimes the greatest victories are won by counting past victories – St. Albert XIV. It does not great imp to realize that people who win are usually winners i.e. they’ve had some considerable amount of wins in their life sometime past. For a loser to win, it takes great or a powerful breakthrough.

It is easy to notice that successful people are usually people who have had some victories in their past. It may not be related to the field, which they are in now, but they certainly must have had some success stories before.

In Christianity, or as Christians, the greatest tool to winning every day battle is recounting the things that the Lord has done for us. When we are not receiving any new testimonies, perhaps it is time we praise God for the little things He’s done for us. That could be the key to our open and greater testimonies. Why do I say this?

In 1 Samuel 17:36, David the giant slayer before his great conquest which led or aligned him to become the next king of Israel leaned on the past victories which his God gave him. He had first slain the lion, which wanted to devour his sheep, and then also he killed the bear that tried to do the same. Having had such victories in time past, what was a dog appearing in the form of a giant to him? (1 Samuel 17:43) No wonder David killed Goliath the giant with just a sling of a stone.

Past glorying is precious and very significant. It makes you to not lose hope when difficult times come. Past glorying gives you the boldness and hope to face the present situation, which may be a hindrance or mountain in your path or the journey ahead. With past glorying comes the greater glory, which is always better than the previous (cp. Haggai 2:9). Past glorying proves your faith in God, because you know that He is alive and hasn’t forsaken you.

My motive here is just to exhort you to not lose hope or faith in God. If you want to see greater glory in your life, start praising God for the things He’s done in your past and thank Him for the ‘present’. God bless you.


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