Women’s Rights

There is a long history of the fight for women’s right. Before the Law was given to the Israelites, women enjoyed considerable amounts of rights as men. That is, they were considered as men too therefore any right that a male enjoyed, the female enjoyed too.

Right in the Bible when the Law was instituted, some provisions were made for the woman but not so much, because Eve caused Adam to fall. The Law of the Jews were more of ceremonial rites and rituals concerning temple worship but then also there are instances of justices intertwined with them.

When the Law was instituted to the Jews, women were somehow left out and had to vie for their right also. In the Law, the Jews enjoyed many rights and freedoms as God’s commonwealth nation, which some of the strangers amongst them even enjoyed. Animals had rights too, as they were not to be overused in work or killed anyhow.

Provisions were made for everyone’s right as God saw befitting, and the women were not forgotten (cp. Deuteronomy 15). There are two instances of women fighting for their right, which I see in the Bible and want to consider in this note. They may not be the only ones, compare 2 Kings 4:1-7.

In Numbers 27, five daughters of the same father came to Moses for a right to inherit land in the name of their father. Since the law had it that the sons inherited from their fathers (not apparently mentioned anywhere), these women were left with nothing to inherit, and they were not married too (mine). So they asked Moses for inheritance to leave their father a name, and their voice were heard.

In Luke 18:1-8, a widow beseeches an unjust judge to help her in her misery, being robbed of her husband by a killer. The judge did not consent to her plea but after continual approaches, he helped her. The judge wasn’t God-fearing or any respectful, but because the woman troubled him many times, he agreed to help her.

These two passages show that when women fight for their right, they will be heard. With prayer and humility, any request/consent that they put before the government will be passed into law. If any woman dies fighting for her right, it is because she did it violently (my opinion). The birth of a right doesn’t always have to start with the death of a perpetrator.

I am one of the few men (being a #HeForShe member) that fights for women’s right at the workplace and respect them. If only we can agree amongst ourselves at work that, this is the period women can work and, this and that provision we have made for them so there can be peace and understanding at the workplace. If we do this, no one party will feel that he’s being robbed or deprived by another.

Women are a major part of our society, and whether we like it or not, they are even more than men in number. As I deem it, the fight for right will continue so long as the ‘Beast’ reigns, and women will no doubt not be left out. If you are reading this, perhaps it is time you start supporting and helping women in your own small way. God bless you as you do so.


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