Weights are objects that build you up when you exercise it but also could break you down. Exercising naturally is supposed to make you stronger, endure strains better and keep you fit. When you are not benefiting from weights, chances are that you are making yourself weaker.

In the Bible, weights are mentioned, that is, in Hebrews 12:1. It is not certain whether the Romans used weights like we do now but I’m quite certain about it (cp. 1 Timothy 4:8). Weights was mentioned in relation to racing, i.e. the Christian race of faith. The Christian man or woman cannot run properly when he or she has weights dragging him or her all about.

Weights as we know it slow you down, they drag your feet so that you are not able to grow or move as fast as you can. In the past, about 50 years ago, sports uniforms were significantly short and I believe this was intentionally made so to allow the free movement of the body. Today, uniforms are quite big and huge on the body, especially in basketball. As I deem it, these uniforms impede your speed considerably.

With respect to the Christian race, weights are not sinful but they can cause delay. Like as Paul lamented over the Hebrews, weights do not make you grow when you are being well-fed with meat and bread.

Today, weights are a useful tool to building our muscles. That does not mean when the Christian flirts with weights in his life, he will be stronger in the faith. Through peers, I have learned that many people, supposedly Christians, flirt about how much they can endure temptations by playing with it. Doing that doesn’t make you a better Christian than another. As the Bible says, we are advised to flee temptation and not flirt with it (rf. 2 Timothy 2:22). Doing that only shows how carnal you are; nobody has played with weights and come out unhurt (cp. Proverbs 6:27).

So I believe you’ve learned something about weights as it pertains to Christianity. Weights are not any nice pieces. At the moment, you may be enjoying them but in the long run, you are delaying certain manifestation of your blessings. God bless you.


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