The Christian’s Liberty

Christians are the most liberal persons on earth but sometimes, they can be the worst stricken or stripped people – St. Albert XIV. This is a fact and there is no arguing about it, that the Christian man or woman by his or her God prefers to be in want/subjection than in plenty/freedom.

Being set free by Christ, the Christian is free to do anything but I see that most pastors do not preach this, for some reason I do not know. The Christian is not obliged to any law, not even to the Jewish’ because Christ fulfilled it on our part.

The only law binding on the Christian is the law or commandment to love God and our neighbours as we love ourselves. Whatever we deem good for ourselves, we should or must deem it good for others too. Whatever we deem bad for us, we should not deem it good for another.

The liberty of the Christian does not extend to sinning, which Christ has set us free from. Why should we bind ourselves with sin when we have been set free from it? it’s like the dog returning to his vomit, just saying.

Like Paul said, all things are lawful but not all things are expedient. This shows how much liberty the Christian has. He is not subject to anything and nothing must by no means control him. He is only subject to people as he is to Christ, that he may receive from him (cp. Ephesians 6:5-8).

Of some of the liberties that the Christian has, these are they.

  1. Food fight; you eat and are blessed to have enough to eat, why waste the rest? There are some people who have nothing to eat and starve. Their prayer is that they will have even water to drink to satisfy them. Jesus said, “The poor you’ll always have with you” therefore anytime is the best time to do them good. Perhaps you could save your delicacies to give someone a wholesome meal, that is not so bad after all
  2. Spree shopping; it is good to go on shopping spree to show how wealthy you are or how wealthy Christ has made you, that is good but why would you do that when some people in other parts of the world have nothing to wear. Surely, Christ will ask you “what have you done for me with all the money I’ve given you?” (Matthew 25:43; cp. 1 Corinthians 4:7) Next time when you’re shopping, think of that man or woman who has nothing and buy something for him or her
  3. Gambling; gambling may be fun but it is also a money-and-time waster. Besides, it brings no profit to your soul. There are good ways to invest your money so it grows if you do not want to work with it. So, why waste it on another who will not even use it for something positive? Gambling is no healthy activity as it goes with quaffing (drinking heavily). Like Paul says, whoever does not work or put his money to work should not eat. You cannot gamble your life with the little money you ‘get’, so put it to some better use to benefit another
  4. Dissing or using cuss words; we are at liberty to speak our minds but we are not under the power of our thoughts. It is ok if some spiteful words escape through our mouths but then, we must careful it doesn’t become a habit. Usually, words we speak are protracted by the things we hear so watch (be vigilant about) what you hear. Like James the apostle said, cursing and blessing cannot proceed from the same mouth when it is sanctified. The more you grow in Christ, the more you should refrain from dissing or cuss words
  5. Getting angry; the bible advises us not to sin when we are angry but I would say don’t be angry at all. No one who has been angry has done anything good or positive with it. Anger usually destroys and tears down than it builds up. You are at liberty to wallow in your emotions but make sure it does not consume you. Certain moods or emotions are very destructive. For all you may know, someone may be needing your smile or laugh just to feel better and you just deprived him or her of it

The liberty that the Christian has is limitless but in no way should he deviate from what is right and true with God. We are free to do anything we want but we should not let our freedom be a stumbling block to people watching us. These are just my thoughts I’m sharing, lemme know your thoughts in the comment section. God bless you.


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