The Promised Land

There is a promised land for everyone that believes. The Israelites who left Egypt did not enter into their promised land except two because of unbelief; they all died in the wilderness. Today, Christians have a rest, which they enter into when they receive the Gospel message.

Just like it was with the Israelites, Christians rest from all their toil in the world and enjoy the manifold blessings of God when they believe. They do not labour as hard as they did when they were slaves in the world; they work with ease and reap from their own work (cp. Matthew 11:28).

I hate to say but the Promised Land for Christians is not heaven. Some have entered into their rest whilst on earth here. You can attest by looking at some of the men of God, how they reap from members’ coffers (rf. 1 Corinthians 9:11). Yeah.

Job entered into the Promised Land when no gospel had been preached to him. He was literally rich and though he lost all he had, he regained them in a twinkle of an eye plus doubled (Job 42:10-12). That’s how rich Job was in this life; he wasn’t just rich in goodness and kindness, and mercy. In spite of his status, he humbled himself as a priest and stooped low to help the needy. He didn’t allow his class to strip him of his personal duties to humankind, he did what was his duty in person.

In the time when the kingdom comes, no one would be looking for it here or there because it is in them (Luke 17:21). When we enter into the Promised Land, no one would tell us that we have because we will know it. It may be here on earth or as you’re thinking, in heaven when you die. All the same, you can enter into the rest/Promised Land here on earth too.

If you are a Christian and you think your promised land is in heaven, perhaps you will die to find it. Those who journey and seek God, pray and fast to break out of the rudiments of this world enter into the rest God has for them. They do not wait in need and die to find out; they seek heaven here on earth. Perhaps you should too if things are not working out well for you. You will know it when you find that rest. God bless you.


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