Confessing To One Another

I see a world where people will know so much about each other, not because they are relatives or friends. I see a world where people will be confessing to each other, not only their sins or shortcomings or weaknesses. Already, I feel like there is someone who is feeding the world with a drug that makes them speak what’s on their mind without they knowing actually. Am I the only one who realizes that a judgment is being passed on human beings, so that nothing they do stays hidden?

In James 4:16, the apostle encourages believers worldwide to confess their faults to one another and also pray for one another. By this, souls will be healed because prayer works. We are not all righteous and when we admit our mistakes, our failures, incompetencies and shortcomings, we can grow above it when another prays for us.

It is through this scripture that the ‘Romans’ twisted it to mean confessing to the father. But no one is father on earth here except God (Matthew 23:9). It was for that reason I changed my nickname to ‘St. Albert XIV’, previously I was called ‘father Aboagye’ by some of my peers. Anyway, the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man or woman avails much, not only someone designated for that position.

What does confessing do? Sometimes we may feel that we’re the only ones battling with certain sins. It’s when we confess to each other, through our blogs for instance, that we realize we’re not alone. There are others who may be dealing with the same problem and whose plight might even be greater than ours. Confessing to one another eases our burdens because it’s only when we confess that we feel forgiven.

Like Hebrews 10:25 says, we must not stop meeting to confess to each other. It is in doing this that we prepare ourselves for the day of Christ, knowing that we have someone or some people who we are accountable to and who will speak on our behalf and pray for us in our shortfalls. As bloggers, we must not stop sharing with each other. I hope you’ve realized your due, God bless you.


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