Six Six Six (6.6.6)

The topic some pastors are most concerned about, and which they use whenever they’re talking about the end time. But did you know that the end time is not all about the Beast; it is about the power of God and how He works to redeem His people. In spite of the many tribulations that the church will walk through, as given in the seven letters, she will come out victorious and be with her bridegroom because she is called, chosen, and faithful.

In Revelation 13:18, the number 6.6.6 is mentioned in relation to the second beast that John saw. He (John) says, the number is a number of a man. Here, I would say three men, not to make them triune but because they work together and have one mind (cp. Revelation 17:13). Like as it is in Hitman, which gives numbers to assassins as names, we will find out who these numbers are.

The number six (6) is the number of a man. Man was birthed on the sixth day of God’s creation, which is why six (6) is so important in the Jewish numerology. The proper names of the numbers are

  1. The false prophet; the one who works signs and wonders in the power of the antichrist. The one who invokes all – whose names are not written in the Lamb’s book of life – to worship the antichrist. This false prophet has power to make fire fall from heaven and also the image of the antichrist to speak. I deem these to be toys. How toys of today can speak and move, which no wonder are the joy of children. I’ve been there before where we worshipped these things but Christ has opened our eyes
  2. The antichrist; the beast whose deadly wounds were healed by the dragon. This is one of the eight kings who will reign on the earth over all for seven definite years. His ushering in would be so quiet because he was once a king and loved of all but died and is now brought back to life. This is the one who will make and break the covenant with Israel after three and a half (3 ½) years and usher in ‘worship of himself’
  3. The dragon/ Satan; this is the mastermind behind the first two numbers’ actions. Naturally, Satan is not a man though but he thinks like a man, at least Jesus says so (Matthew 16:23). According to Ezekiel 28:14, Satan is a cherub but not anymore anointed. Since the ‘fallen cherub’ thinks like a man, that puts him on my third list of the number six because I can’t think of any other person. What it means is that Satan has been reduced to the status of a man and will burn alike with men in the lake of fire

So, these are the three numbers behind all the troubles of the world. It is not the bar code or identification system, those are just their schemes to make men to conform to them. As if they come in to usher peace and comfort to the world, they are rather in to bring swift loss. Having the mark of the beast is not tattooing your body with its number, it is worshipping him or paying obeisance to anything he does or says. If you should even marvel when he does a sign or comes out with something ‘incredible’, that could spell doom for you.

This is by way of educating believers. For your note, I’ve written this before but I felt like sharing it again. God bless you.


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