Fairy Tale Ending Book

The book of Revelation is one book that looks like a fairy tale, but its fulfillment makes it too true to be true. We see in the book of Revelation the love of a Saviour, whose love is to all mankind. His wish is that he will have a people to himself, not just anybody but people who are sold out to him.

In spite of the many wars and battles between the two sides, that is, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the beasts, it ends with a beautiful scene, one that many movies till date still copy. The book of Revelation ends with the saints being in heaven, with all the picturesque descriptions given.

The story is so beautiful, anybody who is willing and of a sensible mind would want to be in that bliss. There are Crystal Rivers, the multiple fruit-bearing tree, golden streets, wonderful mansions, and much more. Does this seem a fairy tale love affair to you, especially when they are being fulfilled right in front of your eyes?

One of the things that will prevail to that time is love. There will be so much love in the Kingdom people will be fond of it. Faith wouldn’t make it there, hope wouldn’t, not even money. There will be no currency in heaven except the currency of love. Love will be in the air!

I believe heaven will be so real, so full of joy and feasts that people will drop in tears. After all the suffering that they had suffered under the beast, they will enjoy plenty and never want. This story (book of Revelation) is too good to be true but God will perform it for His saints; they will be the last to laugh and they will laugh forever.

I pray you find time to read this wonderful book of the Bible that has captured the attention of many. It’s a win-win story because you get to lose nothing after reading. You only lose if you do not know the whole story, because the Devil could use that to his advantage to make you lose hope. I pray you find yourself at the fairy tale end of the story. God bless you.


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