Meat Cry

There was this family which were so poor. They were so poor they only ate meat on Christmas days. When Christmas day came, the children were crying for meat “mummy mummy give us meat to eat”. The mother said ok and gave them meat, but she put ‘villion five’ in their food. The kids ate and woke up on the 5th of January.” That was a joke passed by Basket Mouth (a Nigerian comedian), and people couldn’t help but laugh ostensibly.

My parents always tell us the children that today, there is nothing special about Christmas. There is nothing worth celebrating about Christmas because, for most of the things we’ll do on Christmas, we’ve already had them somewhere along the year. That is so true, as now when it’s Christmas, I just reflect on the goodness of my Lord for taking me through the year.

I can’t help but think, that the Jewish people ate meat only on festive occasions. The firstborn of every animal was dedicated to God as sacrifice, and given to the priests for food. It’s only on other occasions that they did have the meat to themselves and their families for food. No wonder they were so wealthy in livestock, like as Job was.

Today, we rear cows, sheep, and goats yet we do not have enough to spare, turning the rest even into sausages. I can’t help but think, that though the men of Galilee were fishermen, they never had enough fish to eat, but lived on bread and butter as cheese. Today, we use all forms of illegal means to mine fish, and we don’t even spare the younger ones alive.

I wouldn’t settle for a vegetarian diet but I think the talk on meat is too much. Our fathers didn’t have meats in their diets always, yet they lived longer and healthier, and were free from certain illnesses that we are plagued with today. Enough of the insinuation that meat is good for bodybuilding. Horses and cows do not eat meat but grass, yet they are so muscular and strong that we use them for labour. What I’m trying to say is, “If meat was that good, we should be realizing the difference by now”.

Would you cry for meat? Here is an anecdote to the first joke. There was this family, which were so poor they used chicken seasoning. You could taste chicken in the stew/soup but you never could see one in it. One day, one visitor fished through the pot to take the chicken from the stew but he was smacked on the hand. The woman that smacked his hand said, “If you take the chicken from the stew, what chicken will we use in seasoning it next time we cook”.

As if they’d not had enough but that’s how our fathers lived; only the wealthy could afford meat in their meals every day. To say, they were lean and smallish but they never lacked the strength for doing any kind of work. We of today are fat and comfy yet we can’t even move about. God have mercy on this generation!

I hope you realize the harm you’re putting yourself in. Meat is not always healthy, as you can contract whatever sickness that comes with it. Vegetarian diets are not any better too, as you can fall sick for few days, if there is any infestation when you eat it raw. At the least, cooking is the best means to preserving one’s life but not vegetables, and crying for meat is a foul idea. God bless you.


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