Resting In-Between Blog Posts

I cannot overemphasize how important this is. I’m sure you’ve been told that to get more follows, you have to blog every day. Well, inasmuch as getting many follows enhances your reach, you must realize that you’ll be bogging yourself down. Here’s what to do whilst you have the time before writing your next post.

  1. Spend enough time resting between your posts, even if it’s two or more posts in a day. Space your posts out and refresh your mind whilst doing so. For me, getting away from behind the computer helps, if I have two or more posts for the day. You must remember that there are more fishes (viewers) in the sea (internet) than you can fish in a day so don’t be greedy. Go sleep and rest, and come back the following day to continue your business
  2. Read other people’s blog to inspire your mind. I don’t need to say that reading inspires your writing, and reading inspires you to write. If you really want to write more, then you have to read a lot. Doing this fills your time with something productive, other than having to sit down and think of what to write next
  3. Choose quality over quantity. For me, the less frequent I write the better the quality of the post because somehow, I get to brood for a long time what it is I want/have to write. When I am not writing or thinking of what to write, I go for a stroll in the neighbourhood just to refresh my mind. I simply enjoy nature and that is what inspires me to write (I think). Find what inspires you to write quality posts and always visit it when you need it, if it is listening to music or going to the cinema
  4. Go for ‘coffee breaks’ or ‘tea breaks’, whichever suits you. For me, going to fetch water to drink even helps. This is so important as you take off the stress in what you’re doing at the moment. Stretching your hands or even taking your eyes off the screen for one-second makes a great difference. At least, do something to take your mind off what you’re doing, and then come back

So these are some of the few tips that can help you revamp your blog and blogging skills. Remember, others are blogging about the same thing you’re writing, so what makes yours stand out. Don’t be too enthused with wanting to write more and more, take the time to also relax. Expand your mind by reading and get inspired to write more. God bless you.


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