Biblical Science (Part 1)

I don’t know how to define this but this is a post on ‘classification of animals in biblical times’. Biblical science therefore, is the study of the knowledge that those in biblical times had. Thus, the study of the science that can be retrieved from the bible.

I want to consider one aspect tonight, which is animal classification. Did you know that our forefathers were learned, that they were not all devoid of knowledge? They knew so much about the world in which they lived, they grouped them into divisions. They knew about astronomy, they knew about science, they knew about health, they knew so much about religion, they knew about history, they knew about sports, amongst others.

Moses being a learned man, having learned from one of the best schools at the time, the school of Pharaoh, handed down to us this knowledge which I am about to share.

To say, animals were classified into three. They were sea animals, air animals and land animals (rf. Genesis 1:28b). Amongst the land animals, it seems they were further divided into creeping and non-creeping (i.e. walking on foot) things.

Their knowledge of these types of animals was so vast, they knew which ones were good for food and ones bad (Leviticus 11). They knew animals could go extinct and so reserved some for wildlife, not necessarily because these animals were harmful to one’s health.

So these are some of the classifications of the animals. For religious purposes, some animals were considered unclean because they ate carcasses or because their nature were strange. Like I said, some animals were not eaten partly to preserve them. So I hope you’ve learnt some history of the past. God bless you.


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