The Jealous God Who Is Love

These are the testimonies of two persons different from each other- one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. God himself said to the Israelites, “I am a Jealous God”, and then Jesus Christ testifies that God dwells in our love (Exodus 20:5; John 14:23). Could these two different sides cohabit with one another in God?

It’s hard for some people to believe – or receive the truth – that God, even under the old covenant was Love. They don’t see how a loving God could be so brutal to a nation He called. But did you know that the nation Israel was also rebellious and sinned against God continually? How could a God of holiness dwell with such sinful people? He loved the nation Israel, and therefore did what He did to them (Amos 3:2; Hebrews 12:5-11). Love is not leniency, only humans fall to such weakness.

Someone said, “How God realized His misdeed to Job and came down in the form of man as the God of love” (paraphrased). This is a book the person dedicated his life to writing. Seriously, I don’t see where God went wrong and had to come down to apologize. Job portrayed himself as righteous and even dared to question God, for which he was reproved in chapter 40.

If God did anything wrong, it’s because He hadn’t sent His Son and Spirit soon enough to help man live up to His expectations. We must understand the predispositions of God that, He was working towards the salvation of all mankind, both nations and peoples. God is love and was love even when the Jews scoffed at him as wicked. We have to see that god did his best for mankind whilst he could be saved; He never left even one soul to perish in his sins.

So this is the Loving God who is still Jealous. Our notions of God as the God of love shouldn’t override our memories that He is still the Just God, and a God of Justice. He will mete out punishment to whoever sins, even to His sons and daughters. If you are righteous however, you will enjoy favour from Him. God bless you.


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