The World Passing Away

One of the most difficult things to do in life is when you have to put away things that you love so much. Like 1 John 2:17 says, the world and its love will pass away. Could you imagine all the lovely things we’ve invented for ourselves, they being no more existent? But as the Psalmist said, God will give us the desires of our hearts in the new heaven and earth. Today, I want to consider Matthew 24:35.

Heaven will pass away and so will earth too, but the words of our Lord will remain forever. In the new heaven and Earth, the words of Christ will be preached as stories, like as some today consider the Bible to be full of stories. “OMG, has the world already passed away?” Just kidding. If the world has passed away, there wouldn’t be wars and terrorism.

I always understood heaven passing away in the terms of Revelation 21:1. A new heaven will be brought down to a new earth where the old will pass away. And John adds, there will be no more seas; there will be only one river which runs from the Throne to the uttermost parts of the new earth.

For your note, it is necessary heaven pass away because it’s been stained by Lucifer’s downfall and former presence (Revelation 12:7-8). Jesus, after he had resurrected went into heaven and cleansed the holy place but it still needs to be renewed (Hebrews 9:11-12). So we see that even heaven, where God dwells, will pass away but not with the angels, how much more this earth full of sin. 

Heaven and earth will pass away, whether or not you believe it. Artefacts and products get outdated or outmoded but the word of our Lord still remains. Animals are going extinct but the message of the Gospel is still the same, though some people adulterate it. This world will pass away and so will people who love it, as 1 John 2:17 proclaims.

Here are some examples to show you that the world is passing away gradually, though some people do not understand (agree with) it. The passing away of the world ushers us into the New Millennium or heaven and earth, I’d say.

When Walkman came, people thought it was here to stay but within five years, it was overtaken by CD players. I’m sure you know of some products which are no more. Certain smartwatches are no more because companies didn’t plan ahead; they’re simply out of the system and non-functional. This should tell you that the world is passing away; things we invent do not last for a lifetime. 

Some ancient buildings and monuments may still be remaining or standing but they will both pass away. Few years ago, some Arab people transferred relics from a museum because they feared when ISIS took over, they would destroy them all. To note, these Arabs worshipped in such places as shrine. Most ancient buildings which boasted as the best or nicest have been pulled down by enemies. For example, the World Trade Centre is no more. 

The world is passing away, whether you like it or not. Times are changing, and seasons too. The world as we knew it some years back is not the same as we know it today. People have changed, and some are gone (dead). The things we used to do and love are no more, though sometimes we revisit the past i.e. brings things that are from the past.

This is not to scare but one day you will be no more on this earth. Do you want to remain in heaven as a believer or be extinguished in the lake of fire? If you want your name to remain amongst the living, this is the time to love the Lord Jesus Christ and shun this world. God bless you.


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