Lost In The Crowd (Standing Out)

How comfortable it is to stay in the crowd, because we wouldn’t be identified. Did you know that being in the crowd makes you go unnoticed? When you stay in the crowd, you are addressed as the crowd and not as an individual. You will never be identified until you choose to stand out.

In Matthew 20:29-34, two blind men chose to be different because they wanted healing from Jesus Christ. They could have kept quiet, and Jesus would have passed quietly by them too. But when they yelled out of the crowd and chose not to be silent though some people tried to silence them, they got their healing.

Jesus didn’t outright know what their problem was, because others too were following him for some advantage. As a prophet, Jesus asked them what help he could be to them, and they said they wanted to see. Jesus just touched their eyes and they could see. Like the song goes, “just another, another, another touch of your hand”.

Have you ever been lost in a crowd, like you were non-existent? Have you ever been to a programme or programmes where it felt like the man of God left you out, like God didn’t know you? I’ve been there several times and sometimes, it just takes faith to keep going to such same programmes. What was wrong or what were you missing?

Help comes to those who cry out and are crazy for the Lord. If you stay with/in the crowd, any wind that blows the crowd will blow you along too. Zacchaeus was a short man, but when he chose to stand out of the crowd, Jesus saw him and went in unto him. When a house was fully packed with visitors, some dared to tear off someone’s roof just to get healing for a beloved friend.

In our walk with God, it is those who cry out that are heard. Keeping your mouth shut or staying idle doesn’t bring any change. I’ve realized that it is those who are crazy enough to shout out to the Lord and do so publicly whose lives are better. I’m sorry if I’m overstepping your boundaries (comfort zone) but this is just it. I’m also the cool type and this is out of my way but then salvation comes to those who dare to make a difference.

Try to be different, try to stand out. Do something that others take for granted and are not doing, and you will never go unnoticed. Going with the flow is like being a dead fish; you will be swept along. Living fishes swim against the tide, so choose to be alive; the day you give up and in is the day you die. You could be next in line for a testimony if you just do something different to stand out. God bless you.


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