Political Games

In 2 Kings 5, we see a little politics being played there, and also in some other parts of Scripture. To the Syrians, their game was that everything and anything that needed to be done was done through the king. We see in the reign of king Nebuchadnezzar over Israel that when some miscreants wanted to jail the prophet Daniel, they did so through the king (cp. Daniel 3&6). You’ll also realize the Israelites picked this dirty game of the heathens as they progressed.

Well here in this instant, it was nothing different. An overlord had an ailment of leprosy; this man was very skilled in battle but he was a leper. This unfortunate disease must have happened to him whilst in battle, when one of his malefactors cursed him with the disease or infected him with it. All the same this is not said in the Bible, I’m only conjuring from past possibilities.

Naaman as he is called, was captain of a large number of Syria’s army, probably the whole army even. Naaman had an Israeli girl maid for his wife. God being so good, this girl knew of the man of God at Samaria, Elisha, who could heal him. The politics in here is, when she let it out, the king immediately was told of it and Naaman was sent to be healed.

Now here is where some believers falter. If you were sick with some disease and went to the doctor, I’m sure he would charge you with a heavy amount. But when you visit a man of God, you pay meagre wages to him. Now though the work of the Lord is not for money, you cannot expect to go in empty-handed; the Israelites practiced this (rf. 1 Samuel 9:7-8).

The Syrians didn’t know that the Israelites played by a different rule (given by God?). In Israel, the man of God was not subject to the king but ruled in sovereignty as God’s own prophet. The men of God sometimes were even equal to the king, where the king was helpless. But with the heathens, this wasn’t so. With the heathens, the kings dictated what the magicians should do. These are some of the dirty little games that the Israelites got accustomed to along the line and slayed even the prophet priest Zechariah. It was because of politics that Zechariah got slain (cp. Matthew 23:35).

Now to answer the king of Israel, “If you are not God to heal a man, why not redirect it to someone who can?” To this effect was Elisha compassionate though some people deem him to be wicked because he made two female bears to devour forty-two youthful men. God being so good, Elisha wasn’t interested in money and he healed Naaman the captain in spite of his arrogance (rf. 2 Kings 5:10-14).

Now to tell you what, “do not follow politics but the word of God.” Politics can turn a good man as a bad one but the word of God transforms bad men into righteous persons. These are some of the dirty secrets of politics, which some people in it do not want you to know. It’s almost like witchcraft when you go deep into it a bit. If God’s eye is not on you, you could be dampened by it. God bless you.


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