The Error Of Man

In Romans 1:18-32, Paul addresses the error of man, the era where man went wrong. Sadly for some today, they do not know the error man entered into and so repeat it. Since the Scripture is a long one, I would straightaway address the issues raised in them here.

The men of old were not without conscience. They knew there was a God and even though they did not know Him fully, they were sure He existed (Romans 11:33). They verified that sin did not go unpunished and therefore, there is a Supreme Judge who reigns over all. Thus, God’s wrath was revealed to all mankind because of their sins. This is how our forefathers knew God and came to understand Him.

They hadn’t seen God, but everything in this world proved that there was a God, who had created all the things we’re seeing (Romans 1:19-20). God showed Himself to these ones and since they did not want to submit to Him, they made idols to represent the Almighty God. They worshipped these idols instead as their god, thus provoking God’s anger against them.

This is how God first chose Abraham, – the father of all nations, – to set him apart from the idolatrous nations. This is why God chose Abraham’s seed to bless all nations because the Jews were disobedient, always clinging to the gods of the heathens. This is because when God revealed Himself to them, they likened Him to some graven images.

This is why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, because they did not retain God in their knowledge but did as they pleased with themselves. For that reason, God ‘gave up’ on them so they would do the things they wanted to do. It was the first time ever, that God could not bear with man, his sins and his wicked deeds. Because of this, they were filled with all kinds of unrighteousness as is listed in Romans 1:29-31.

They knew that those who indulged in such were worthy of death, – for they had been warned by the prophets (e.g. Noah/Lot), – yet they were pleased with those who indulged in it with them. This was the error of man and they were judged righteously for it.

Now, some people today are repeating the same mistake of our fathers. They without shame openly declare their vile affections for the same sex and even have churches that endorse them as couples. Do we want the same thing that happened to the Sodomites to happen in this time? I guess not, but then we will not do what pleases God. We want to have our own way and probably tell God, “We’ve got it on our own”.

Well, God might not destroy these because of His abundant grace but then know that His patience is only so that you’ll not be destroyed (Romans 2:4; 2 Corinthians 6:6). God is very patient and will not want any soul to end up in the lake of fire; He wants every soul to be saved. Though God is patient, do not test His patience. Living in this error only increases God’s wrath against you, and I tell you “you will not be pleased in the end”.

Yes, you have your freewill and all that but then you cannot do anything you want. Just as you cannot use your device for anything and everything except what the manufacturer intended it for, so you cannot live your life anyhow except how God wants you to and expects of you. Some may use some devices for other purposes and that is what Satan the Devil wants, but know that there are dire consequences to be paid.

To tell you the truth, it is easier living for God than it looks on the inside (Matthew 11:29-30). To live a life without God only brings remorse and regret, because you’re not designed to exist without God(’s presence). All the things in this life cannot satisfy you, because God designed that emptiness in your heart to be filled only by Him (His presence). If you’re in this error, I pray you come out and if you’re thinking of it, I pray you change your mind. God bless you.


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