The Burden Of Jesus Christ

If there is anything people don’t like, it is burdens. People don’t like to be burdened with work. Could it be that we are doing too much, that we are overlaid with more than we can do? Well, this is no different in the Christian circle.

God gives burdens to his prophets to go preach the word. Left to most of them, they would just be sitting idle going nowhere (cp. Matthew 20:3). But this is the work God has given to His prophets; He burdens them with His burdens (work).

As in the Old Testament, there was the burden of the word of the Lord i.e. the burden to preach what God is saying to the prophet, so there is a burden in the New Testament too. The burden in the New Testament is the commission to go preach the Gospel to all nations. Aside that, there is the burden to build God’s church. It is this burden I want to consider. Matthew 11:30 reads

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light

Christ didn’t promise us a burdensome task or journey though he says it is not going to be easy (cp. John 16:33). The Christian journey is a peaceful one, but it is full of problems on the left and on the right. Serving Christ our Master is easier on the outside than religious leaders make it look. It is people in the church that make ‘Christian service’ (serving Christ or the church) difficult.

The burden of Jesus Christ may be too much for us because most of the times, we rely on our strength, knowledge and will. But doing God’s work requires you submitting your whole body and soul and spirit to Him so He can use you. Jesus’ burden(s) is not burdensome if you allow the Holy Spirit to fill you and to use you.

Comparing the burden of Jesus Christ to the burden of the word of the Lord, Jesus’ burden is much less burdensome. Jesus doesn’t give you a work that you cannot do, and if he gives you work to do, he equips you so you can do it. Like I said, he endows you with the power of the Holy Spirit. Blogging about my faith is without stress because God has endowed me with His knowledge. I do it without sweat; it just comes out of me.

The burden of Jesus Christ urges and caresses you until you do it, unlike the burden of the word of the Lord, which burns within you, making you feel uncomfortable. Though these come from the same Persons, they are under different Testaments.

The burden of Jesus Christ is the burden of the Cross- to bear the burden of Jesus Christ is carrying your cross and following Him. See, it’s as simple as that. Your cross is what you have on your back, what you are carrying. If there is a gift you have, that could be your cross to carry and use to glorify God. Carrying the cross can be as light as wearing a crucifix or tee shirt with a cross on your back.

So these are some of my thoughts on the burden of Jesus Christ. Please do not think of this burden as something that is a real burden. If you get into it, you will realize it’s no burden at all. If you are working for Christ and you feel a great sense of burden on you, I pray God relieves you of it. God bless you.


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