Setting Your Mind Right

There is nothing as good as having a right mind i.e. having a mind that understands things perfectly without aid. We are all in a situation where most times, we get things wrong for all the wrong reasons and to say, it is hard accepting we got it wrong. When we have the right mind, all these wouldn’t be necessary.

In this message, I want to use a scene in John 9 to explain how important it is to set your mind right. There was a man born blind whom Jesus healed by making clay with his saliva and applying it on his eyes; the Pharisees were so inquisitive they wanted to know/understand exactly how this blind man could see. It seemed, the man got fed up and told them (the Pharisees) that the most important thing is that he was blind but now he could see.

To note, the Pharisees had disputed the authority of Jesus as able to heal and concluded it must be a devil he uses in healing people. Whether these allegations are true or not, the most important thing is that Jesus could heal people for real and he did that to the glory of God the Father. What is more honourable than that?! For certain, some of the Jews couldn’t be healed by him (Jesus Christ) because they were offended in him or could not believe him as the Son of God.

My take? “When you’re damn serious about getting your healing, you don’t care how you are healed, you don’t care which method was used in healing you or who the person is, whether he is a devil’s agent or a man of God… all you want is to be healed”. This does not mean we should forsake the God we’re patiently waiting on to go for quick-action devil’s pot(-ion).

You have to set your mind right. Though you may have some reservations about certain things, you would have to reconsider how helpful it is to you. You cannot cling to your faith that I do not take donated blood when that could be your lifesaver! Yes of course I am speaking to the Jehovah’s Witnesses. You don’t have to be stringent on that religious obligation or be hard on yourself. Loosen yourself up and talk to God; our God is a God that understands that we’re human and cannot keep up with everything He commands us (rf. Ezekiel 4:12-15).

Whatever decisions you take, just have the right mind when you’re making them. Don’t take decisions based on circumstances, you could regret them some day. Instead, live your life like that’s all there is; there is nothing as weakening as having or harbouring the wrong mindset. Set your mind right and you’ll live to enjoy it. God bless you.


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