Transformed: Jesus

Albert was a good boy in his primary school days but the demise happened to him. It all happened on one day as Albert was returning from school, he was beaten by a mob and left to die. His mates ran and told his father what had happened, and they came for him to the hospital. His father willing to save his life, told the doctors to do all they can to save him. The doctors managed to salvage the pieces of him remaining, but Albert became more of a robot than a human being. Due to his condition or new state, Albert graduated immediately from primary school and was sent to secondary school. He was now attending classes elsewhere.

One day as he slept, his roommate was talking to an old mate from his primary school and it was disturbing him. Albert, now Jesus, shouted, “Who is he that is disturbing me like that?” The roommate immediately ended the call and slept. The next day, Jesus was passing by his former school as form of showing his support for the school. “I told you that when we come here, it’s because we’re on a diplomatic course”, one mate told the teacher when she asked what they were doing there. Before Jesus could go join the assembly line, he was searched of his things. The lady that searched him noticed and told Jesus that “the date on your books doesn’t match with the one on your file folder”. Albert didn’t care about it, he just wanted to see how the school went.

One old mate told him that he was conversing with Mark, his roommate when he heard a shout and stopped the call. Meanwhile, Albert only remembered murmuring his feelings. The guy who had made the call retorted that he was even feeling sleepy. This was something people said to excuse themselves, like what they did weren’t intentional. Jesus’ roommate had searched his things for written notes but couldn’t find it, he concluded Jesus must have thrown them away. Meanwhile, Jesus had made his books to become transparent whilst his roommate came searching for it. Though Jesus could see it in his dreams, because he was sleeping, his roommate didn’t see anything.

So, it happened after his visit to the school, Jesus returned home with his mate Amamoo. When they reached Amamoo’s house, Jesus plucked some mangos and played with them. It was still yet that Jesus or Albert didn’t understand himself, he didn’t know the transformation he had gone through. Jesus decided to run home, which was a few yards away with one friend Malik. On the way home whilst running, Jesus kicked the mangos he had picked from Amamoo’s house and by the time they’d gotten to Malik’s house which was halfway between, the mangos had turned to stone, though still in the figure of a mango.

Albert didn’t understand the whole thing plus what happened last night so he told his dad about it. The father took him to the hospital and the doctors run various checks on him to ascertain if everything was well. They told him everything, how he had beaten to pulp and was brought to the hospital to save his life. They told him Albert was gone and what they have now i.e. who he is now is a project called Jesus Christ. Gracefully, Albert loved to preach and be like Jesus Christ so it was go-go for him. The doctors had turned Albert into a machined human that could virtually do anything, and this was no magic or miracle. Everything Albert could do could be explained by science. “So, here you are, Jesus Christ”. You could tell Albert was enlightened to hear the news. He had always wanted to be like Jesus Christ and now that he is, well somehow, what were the chances for him?

He remembered his schoolmate who was ill mannered, and he went and visited him. He talked to Mawuli about all the dangers he could face if he continued with his lifestyle. Mawuli was touched and showed him all that he had done. He went to a secret place where there were palm trees and what seemed like an old school office. They walked to the place but it seemed more like they were flying upright in the air. When they got to the keyhole where Mawuli was keeping his books, he opened the box and showed them to Jesus. Jesus read through and Mawuli cried and repented. They were books with charms in them, written all over, and included things that Mawuli had done.

When Jesus got home, he was met by a woman that flirted with him. Jesus had a green serpent wound around his arm, from his elbow to his shoulder. This serpent came alive and licked what seemed like another serpent from the flirting woman, the woman then went away succeeding in killing some people around the house I.e. about three. When she attempted the fourth person, she couldn’t because the fourth person was more or less like Jesus. He immediately disbanded the woman of her power and asked where she got it.

She immediately laid the blame on Jesus and Jesus said he didn’t know anything except that she flirted with him. To make things right, Jesus searched through the wall of a building close to him for all the best doctors that could help save those poisoned with venom. The poison from the snake was a slow acting one; it first takes away your spirit and then eats your body slowly to dust. Albert searched for the best medical students, sliding open cupboards in the walls. God being so good, he found the medical students that could help bring the ‘dead ones’ back to life. Albert himself was part of the team that helped restored their lives. The woman was deprived of her powers by the more or less Jesus and forgot all that happened; his name was Jude.

Meanwhile, those who had plotted Albert’s death had heard of all that he could doing and sought to finish him once and for all.

To be continued…

NB: This was actually a dream I had and I added the last part myself.

P.S.: Albert didn’t eat often but when he did, it was full of salt. The doctors had told him that salt helps in his electrical conductivity system. Jesus didn’t eat the food per se, he sometimes/only smells the food and he is satisfied. Sometime he had read in the news why it is bad to smell cooked food always; this is because it satisfies your appetite to eat. The doctors had told him that anything he hears in the news could possibly be about him and that they directed anything they wanted to say to him through the news. Jesus wasn’t shocked at all, as some of the things he heard in the news he was already doing. One time, he prepared stew of blended leaves and placed it on his chest. It was the point where the food was absorbed into his body. It didn’t take long and the food was finished, like the usual time it takes for one to finish his food.



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