When Duty Calls

There is nothing as breath taking as when duty calls. When duty calls, we are reminded of why we are here in the first place- to render service. Responding to duty is not only relegated to those who have sworn the Hippocratic Oath, but to everyone else. Just to clarify, duty is not only your responsibility at the work place but anywhere else, even at the home.

Today, I want to consider why we cannot neglect our duty, using a scripture from Luke 11:5-8. When duty calls, we are to respond as immediately as possible, as it can be a life and death matter. Imagine that brother of yours who needs help with his academics. If you do not help him understand his course, he could be a failure, adding to the statistics of unemployed graduates.

So from the Scripture given, there was this friend who did not have any food to set before his visitor that came to him at night. He went to a friend to ask for bread but it was more like, he was disturbing his friend. We shouldn’t look down on this, as it happens even to the best of us- when you have to wake up or get out of your comfort zone to do something for someone.

It can be heart-rending but whether we respond or not depends on our level of compassion. This man wouldn’t have given his friend but because of his helplessness, he had pity and opted to help him. This is how we should respond when duty calls. Our duty is not only our work responsibility but anything that is our responsibility to do.

Our friends are our responsibility; our family are our responsibility. We cannot turn down on anybody that calls on us, especially when we can be of help to the person. You might never know, you could save a life when you act promptly. So this is the duty I wanted you to know about- your responsibility to help your neighbour. God bless you.


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