Receiving Answered Prayers (Part 2)

If there is anything that bothers Christians very much, it is how to pray and receive what you prayed for. I cannot but say that we do not always have 100% answered prayers. We pray and are heard but the receiving part sometimes goes awry. How then do we ensure that we receive the answers to all the prayers we pray? In this note, I want to consider what we must do on our part to receive answered prayers.

Before we go any further, let’s know what prayer is. Prayer is the communication between a believer and God. We must understand that prayer is the only spiritual exercise that involves a two-way form of communication. Thus, when we pray, it must be more of talking to the Father like you’re talking to a friend than the ‘frigid’ asking and petitioning. God wants to have a relationship with us; He wants to know that we are interested in Him and we can get from Him.

So, if we are not receiving answers to our prayers, we must check our relationship with God. Just like we would do to any person that only calls on us when they need something, so will God do to anyone who only depends on Him for what he can get. God is not man though, yes, but He is not stupid. As John 14:13-14 says it is only in the name of Jesus that we will receive answered prayers. That means we cannot receive answers if we do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Second, we do not receive answered prayers because we ask it to fill our own lusts or lustful desires. You yourself can testify that your prayers are hooked on carnal things, things you can use for your fleshly desires or pleasures. God knows we need these things and so He wants us to ask for better spiritual things, things of eternal value. When we ask and do not receive, it is because we do not know what we’re asking (James 4:3). God wouldn’t give us something that will destroy us in the end, that is why most times we do not receive what we ask for.

Third, our prayers are not answered because we ourselves are ‘maligned’ or misaligned i.e. we are not in God’s will. When we are not in God’s will, anything we ask is outside of God’s will and isn’t the best for us. When you are not receiving answers to your prayers, check who your God is. The truth is that being in God’s will corrects all of our thinking and actions- we are in perfect harmony with God and therefore anything we ask is what God wants to give us. But this exception is overruled once we are in Christ (John 15:7).

So these are the few things we must check if we want to have answered prayers. We must check our relationship with God or Christ first. We must pray for things that edify and all that we are looking for will be added. Lastly, we must be in God’s will if we want to ask anything that will please God. I hope you’ve learnt a few things. God bless you.


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