Man’s Plague

You just can’t understand that man has been plagued. We’ve been plagued with diseases, illnesses, battles, wars, disasters, and so on. When you think of it, it’s almost as though it’s a curse to live in this world and we human beings carry the weight of the world upon our shoulders. But man’s plague is not a plague of disasters or wars but a plague of evil, a plague that Lucifer started in heaven and brought it to earth (cp. Revelation 12:7-12).

Throughout the Bible, – and when you look at all religions, – you find one common theme. All religions preach a way to holy living or righteous living. Why is that? Why do we have to live right lives if nothing is amiss? It’s the plague of sin, man has been plagued with sin because sin is a disease. Sin is like a worm that eats you and keeps eating you until there is nothing left of you.

The Bible explains that sin entered the world through the disobedience of one man, and because of him, we are all sinful. This was the first man to live on earth, Adam by name. The Bible also preaches that there is a remedy for this plague, which is the second Adam, called Jesus Christ. The sacrificial blood of the Lamb (Jesus Christ) takes away all the sin of the world, including yours and mine if you will believe.

What? Everything had been fine. At least we were all right with ourselves, – seemingly so, – until God told us that sin is a disease that man has been plagued with. Sin caused Cain to kill his brother Abel. Sin caused Abram to marry his sister Sarai and to lie about it. Sin caused the nations to fall into idolatry when there was only one true God. Sin caused the sons of God to fall into adultery with the daughters of men, producing giants forthwith. These are the effects of sin in man.

It was upon this notion that the Law was introduced and the Jewish religion founded… to eradicate or put out sin from the camp of men but these called out ones (Jews) later realized that it was easier said than done. How to live righteous lives in the face of all the adversities and adversaries was a difficult thing. They sooner than later fell into the idolatry they were trying to run away from in Egypt.

It’s so heavy what do we do? Thankfully, Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit, – those who believe in him, – to help us live free of this plague and to heal the world of its sickness. Through the endowment of the Holy Spirit, we can set the world right and free it of its plague. God is also working to rid the earth of this plague and it will surprise you to know that heaven even needs this riddance. God bless you.


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