Children Of Promise

Like as I’ve been doing, I always highlight some important topic in the Bible every time I write a blog post. Today, I want to talk on the children of promise, how blessed they must feel to know that they are the children promised to Abraham (Galatians 3:7).

In the Old Testament, Abram before he became Abraham was promised a child. This child was to be the seed through whom all nations of the world would be blessed. Perhaps, Abraham’s wife thought God was delaying His promise and so she made out a plan to let Abraham have a child with her maid. Abraham listened and they had a son whom they called Ishmael.

Abraham had confided in Ishmael according to the flesh as the one who will inherit him, but Ishmael was not the son God was looking for. When the set time was right, God came again and told Abraham that the son whom he would be having by the following year was the one to inherit him. As God had spoken, Sarah who was barren had a son by Abraham and called his name Isaac.

As we can see, these are two different sons- one according to the flesh or will of man and one according to the will of God. As it happened, it was through this Isaac that the Messiah (Jesus Christ) was to come and he came fulfilling the promise made to Abraham. Jesus bridged the gap between children by the flesh and children by faith (cp. Romans 9:6-8).

Through Jesus Christ, we believers have been made partakers of this promise i.e. we are originally the children of the promise. The children of Israel are not the children that was promised, they were only chosen as God’s people. We are the children that was promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We are the spiritual sons of Abraham according to faith in Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus has made us sons of Abraham.

I just want you to know that you are a child of promise, dear believer; you are no ordinary child. You were the one that was promised Abraham that all nations of the earth should be blessed. You are a blessing to this world because of Jesus Christ, you are a ‘child of the seed’ (Galatians 4:28). I pray you use your new God-given identity to bless everyone around you. God bless you.


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