Sensuality In Christianity

One of the marked difference between human beings and other beings is our sense of sensuality. Sensuality to explain is something that relates to our senses or body and not the mind or spirit. Sensual beings are more emotional or empathetic about each other or other people, and tend to relate to them in that way. Sensuality is what makes us human and down to earth, not viewing ourselves as some gods or some superheroes.

No doubt, sensuality has crept into the Church and is playing a major role in the delivery of sermons of some men of God. Some of these people mistaken their sensuality for humility or the word of God when it has no place in the church. I do not say but I’m sure other religions battle with this too or probably, have this at the backbone of their religion. Sensuality to say, was long reproved by Jesus Christ when a certain woman made allusion to it. Luke 11:27-28 reads

And it came to pass, as he spake these things, a certain woman of the company lifted up her voice, and said unto him, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked.

But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.

To think of Jesus Christ as some human being that was so human, is to deny him of his deity. Of course you could argue that Jesus was fully human and acknowledged it himself but to portray him in that light is to deny him of his God-side.

I mean, you can’t think of Jesus as having played with his childhood friends when he was little. That is so mean to think that about him, the Son of God?! You can’t think of Jesus as never getting sick, he never falling sick or getting hurt (sore or wound) in the flesh. These are things the disciples hid from us because they are of no value to our faith. Whether Jesus had a girlfriend or pet is not your problem.

Had Jesus ever had infirmity, I’m sure there would have been many sects in Christianity today- those who profess divine health/life and those who gladly embrace infirmities. Even without these things made known to us, there are some who already have separated because of some sensual reasoning. Is this necessary? Is this what the church has come to? Because of our views about Christ, we are divided just because Christ had sin or no weakness at all. These are the things that the apostles put to a stop to shut the mouths of some members in the church (cp. Hebrews 4:15).

In the Scripture quoted here, the woman who said those words wanted to imply it was the breasts Jesus sucked that had made him that intelligent, when it had nothing to do with any of that, how he was brought up and what he ate. The most important thing is that this was the Word of God in the flesh as John wrote, someone so full of grace and truth, someone to be wondered at, even like God.

The utterance of this woman is like many women I know in the church. They are so carnal in their thinking they cannot imbibe any godly revelation or spiritual insight about God or the word of God. As our women themselves admit, they are emotional beings and can’t be far from sensuality. Could this be the reason why women were exempted from Temple service? It sure could be.

So, we realise that we are not to be sensual in our faith towards Christ Jesus. The five senses cannot appreciate God or His word but our faith can. It is with our faith that we can imbibe the message of the Gospel into our being, especially our spirit and mind. The flesh, i.e. our bodies however cannot appreciate the things of the Spirit.

If for anything when you are preaching to people, you could use sensuality to reach out to people’s senses, in order to make them understand God’s word. Sensuality alone is not God’s word and can’t replace God’s word; sensuality is not Christianity and has nothing to do with Christianity. When you are thinking or speaking, it should be out of pure faith or reverence for the Son of God. I am addressing this because of a Christmas song I heard by V. Rose. God bless you.


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