When Forgiveness Hurts

Have you ever wept or cried out because you did not get your revenge? What was it like? Have you ever felt disgruntled about a case or judge because you weren’t avenged satisfactorily? How did it feel like? To tell you, you felt that way because deeply rooted in our hearts is the desire for... Continue Reading →


Living Above Your Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs seem to tell us that we live all our life just to satisfy our needs, but I want to say that there is no need greater than our need for salvation. The need to save our souls, which is immortal, cannot be overlooked nor ignored. In today’s note, I want to... Continue Reading →

Grace Abounding More

So we are living under grace and not under the Law because Christ Jesus was full of grace and truth, in whom we now live. We are not under the Law where if you faltered, you will be punished immediately or have to atone for your sins. Under grace, all sins are overlooked – but... Continue Reading →

Gospel Rappers Exposed

NB: This is just for the fame.  Gospel rap may be one of the passing genres of music but we are sure it is here to stay, so long as rap and hip-hop (its mother) is alive. The way the youth of today love rap, it’s something that will stay for many generations because we... Continue Reading →


There are many kings that have desired to be priests as well but couldn’t and weren’t able, because they were not righteous enough. For the Israelites, only the tribe of Levi were chosen for the priesthood office because of Moses and Aaron, who were of the same tribe. For us the church or as believers,... Continue Reading →

When Faith Meets Anointing

Faith is like a plug which you plug into God’s anointing; anointing is like the power that runs through electric cables. Did you know that sometimes you cannot receive what you want unless you plug in your faith? Did you also know that sometimes anointing alone is enough to bring you what you want? Well... Continue Reading →

Why Some Are Leaders

Perhaps you may have realized that some people are chosen as leaders whilst others are not. Perhaps you may have realized that there are some qualities that are peculiar to leaders, though not in all. Well this article seeks to tell you why some are chosen as leaders and others are not. They learn aside... Continue Reading →

The Presence Of God

God’s presence is ‘something’ many people find comforting. You can tell from the way they feel at home when they come into God’s presence at church or Christian gathering. If you’re in sin, you would find God’s presence to be the opposite, that something keeps prodding your conscience until you confess. In today’s note, I... Continue Reading →

The Testimony Of Jesus Christ

In church, testimonies are very powerful tools God and the pastor uses in spreading the word. When you have a testimony, you show that God is alive and at work. Today, I want to consider something that is peculiar to the book of Revelation – the testimony of Jesus Christ. What is the testimony of... Continue Reading →

Church (Poem)

The church the bride of Christ is She is number one on God’s  list Here comes the beautiful bride No one can have her and chide Even God delights in her Because she is rare She is the bride of the Lamb of God Not just to anybody but the Son of God The body... Continue Reading →

The Two Witnesses (Talk)

I think I wrote this in my previous blog earlier this year but it is so important I want to write it again. The Two Witnesses we’ve probably heard of them but who are they, what will they be doing. Will they receive the love (support) they need when they come? Will they be received... Continue Reading →

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