Vessels For Destruction

You see that when we have vessels that are no longer of use to us, we throw them away or dash them to another. Well, God has no other god besides Him so He destroys His vessels when they're not anymore profitable to Him. There are vessels that have been reserved for destruction, because once... Continue Reading →


See, God, leave them alone. If we had judged this same way, they would've said that God is wicked. But when they're the ones judging, they think they're right, that they have their temper under control. Hm! 

Removing The Dross

Take away the dross from the silver, and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer. (Proverbs 25:4) We know that metals cannot be any purer if they have or there are dross on them. Our lives here on earth as believers are like metals, with sin and evil being the dross. If we... Continue Reading →

Special Days

Every day is unique in that we don’t know what blessings it will bring. If we are able to rise up and see another day, we should consider it as a blessing from God. However, some days are special or sacred to us because on one occasion, something happened. Some celebrate certain days because it’s... Continue Reading →

Women (Poem)

Women, who can know them?  Cos we always see them  And are never full of them I had one and realized I had enough Cos you never seem to know this stuff Many books are written about them Yet you never seem to understand them “What is their problem?” you may be asking “Nothing really”,... Continue Reading →

Paul’s Wisdom

Introduction Peter speaks of Paul’s wisdom as one that was given to him (2 Peter 3:15-16). Whether it was given to him by God or Christ or his own wisdom, it is not clarified. We know by reading from the scriptures that Paul had a wisdom. He understood the scriptures in a certain light, even... Continue Reading →

Blessing God

Sometimes I hear people say “we bless God” and they say this when they appreciate what you said to them. But in literal terms, can we bless God referring to Hebrews 7:7- the less is blessed of the better? The scriptures silently say that we can bless God with our substance, and pastors use this... Continue Reading →

Dark Matter: Discussed

I wrote this sometime during the Christmas season but I hadn’t grasped the concept fully, so I want to address it again. What is dark matter? We say “dark matter, dark matter”, that there is dark matter… what is dark matter anyway. To say, it is any matter not quantifiable in the electromagnetic spectrum. Thus,... Continue Reading →

The God Of Retaliation

As believers, we know that our God is many things. He is the God of love, the God of promises, the God of righteousness, and so on. Today, I want to consider one attribute of God, which some people may not have considered- the God who retaliates. In Matthew 25:41-45, we see our Lord Jesus... Continue Reading →

10 Blessings To Walk In: Explained

In the previous post, 10 Blessings To Walk In, I listed the blessings that are available to every believer to walk in. They are not just there to enjoy or receive, you would have to fulfill your part in order to have them. In this part, I have explained those blessings previously listed so you... Continue Reading →

10 Blessings To Walk In

Below are a list of ten blessings I have scooped from the Bible and they are straightforward. It is not only a blessing walking in these, it is a blessing even knowing them. That is why I have listed them here so that you know and my prayer is that as you read them, your... Continue Reading →

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