10 Blessings To Walk In: Explained

In the previous post, 10 Blessings To Walk In, I listed the blessings that are available to every believer to walk in. They are not just there to enjoy or receive, you would have to fulfill your part in order to have them. In this part, I have explained those blessings previously listed so you would appreciate the difference between walking in blessings and living an ordinary life. God bless you.

  1. Walking with right people

There is nothing as safe and liberating as walking with the right people. You only end up in trouble when you walk with the wrong people/gang, but when you walk with right persons, you’re at least safe. One thing is, “you are the people you walk with”. That is, people you walk with determine or shape your attitude. Not sure this is a blessing? Walk with right men and see the promotions that will come your way.

  1. Living righteously

One thing that is so relieving is to hear that you’ve been acquitted of your charges. Sin is a crime against God but blessed is that man who when he sins in the sight of men i.e. men perceive it as sin, God does not impute it onto him. It is even more blessed to have a spirit free from sin, a life in which is no sin. That is hard to find but Christ set the example, which means we too can. Not sure how this is a blessing? Walk in sinfulness and you will end up in hell and endure the wrath of God. A righteous life attracts the grace, favour, mercy, blessings and goodness of God in this lifetime and the next.

  1. Trusting God

People who are atheist or other are the most worthless people. They are without hope of salvation or any blessing from God. Now you/they might say that they are blessed but such blessing is from the Devil, which is only for a short while. It is more blessed to trust in the arm of God than the arm of man, because man is liable to fail. Think of it, when you trust in God you have nothing to lose, you only are wise enough to choose the safe side.

  1. Election

It is a blessing to be chosen by God, especially when He calls us to come to Him always before His feet. One way we could come to the feet of God’s throne is worship, and praises. You know why this is a blessing? It is when we come into His Presence that He satisfies us with His goodness. When we fill our life with carnal or worldly things, we only feel empty at the end but God’s presence is able to satiate our thirst and there’s no having enough.

  1. Receiving strength from God

When you run out of adrenaline, you would appreciate the strength of Christ more because you know that it is not your mere strength that is keeping you going. Like the Psalmist said, blessed is the man who finds his strength in God. It is the joy of the Lord that is our strength. What that means is, God’s joy sustains us and revives our spirit when we are weak or down. Doubt whether this could be a blessing? The US army came out that when one is weak, the will of the mind can keep him going with precision even though his body may be weak. When we receive the joy of the Lord, we receive strength to keep going and keep believing and keep praying and hoping even though all odds are against us.

  1. God’s love bestowed on you

The worst thing that can happen to a man is when God hates him. God does not hate people though, but He hates sin and evil. Most people will mistake this for hatred but when God loves you, He chastens you when you go wrong. He does not leave you to spoil but saves you from harm. He saves you from what is reserved for the wicked angels. It is a blessing to be loved by God because he protects us on all sides.

  1. Being God-fearing

This is similar to walking with right people. When you are God-fearing, even God saves you when men plot harm against you. To be God-fearing is a great credit to your name because people recognize you as honest, trustworthy and reliable. These accolades are enough to bring that promotion you’ve been waiting for all your life. A God-fearing man is a law-abiding person too; he respects both God’s and man’s laws and understands their place. Not sure how this is a blessing? Break a law and see the consequences you will reap.

  1. Waiting on God

It is a blessing to wait on God. Like we say, “God’s time is the best”. God calls on us anytime and all the time but most times, our lives are filled with so much noise that we do not hear. In that case, we rather ought to come before God and wait on him like a waiter waits on the order of a customer. When we wait on God, we know that we shall receive the best that He has reserved for us in His store. Don’t think this is a blessing? Rush for that item from a friend and you will live to realize you don’t even need it in the first place or that you made a great mistake.

  1. Observing the Sabbath

It’s almost an ultimatum- “the number of times you frequent God’s church or presence determines how well you love righteousness and righteous deeds”. It is a blessing to judge righteously and enact justice because you receive favours from both people and God. It is a blessing to observe the Sabbath as it is dear to God’s heart. Anybody who keeps this commandment is free from any evil doing even though he may be guilty of it (I’ve experienced it first-hand so I know what I’m talking about). You think this is unnecessary? Skip church and you’ll see (realize) all the bad things that will happen on that day.

  1. Overcoming temptations

Amongst all the blessings, this is the only New Testament blessing. Of course, it’s not the only one but we are to count this as a blessing. Temptations are bound to come and when they come, we are to endure it because it is to test and refine our faith. Temptations don’t kill, you won’t die when you are tempted severally though you may faint sometimes. Fainting is normal but we are to stand strong through it all because in the end, God will reward us like He rewarded Job. It is a blessing to overcome temptations because when we do, we will receive crowns as Jesus has.


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