The God Of Retaliation

As believers, we know that our God is many things. He is the God of love, the God of promises, the God of righteousness, and so on. Today, I want to consider one attribute of God, which some people may not have considered- the God who retaliates.

In Matthew 25:41-45, we see our Lord Jesus Christ shunning some men because they did not help ‘him’ when he did not have anything. There is no doubt that our God is a God of compassion, a merciful God but here is the case he will reject those who rejected him.

The lesson in that scripture is that our God wants us to be helpful to each other so He can replicate himself in us. When we do not do that, His kingdom is far from coming on earth though we pray the Lord’s Prayer.

In Mark 8:38, we also see another instance. Our God is/behaves much like us even though He is not man. Have you not had a time where you reciprocated what someone did to you or for you? Be it love or hatred? We have many times, and Jesus Christ shows us here that he is going to do the same to those who are ashamed of him. It’s the reason why Paul said “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ…” in Romans 1:16.

This was a corrective measure to the Jews, and they perfectly understood it and knew what to do to avoid such embarrassment. However, in our modern view or Western view (I’m a Ghanaian), our conception of God does not allow God to be that hostile. We would probably interpret it to mean our God is condescending and will not look down on those who are not strong enough to represent Him.

Well these are the scriptures that point out that our God is a God that retaliates, and they are all from the New Testament. They do not directly refer to God the Father in person but since Jesus Christ was a reflection of the Father on earth, we could say the same thing about the Father (rf. John 14:9). Lemme know your view on this topic. Did I get it well or wrong? Does our God retaliate or not? God bless you in doing so.


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