Dark Matter: Discussed

I wrote this sometime during the Christmas season but I hadn’t grasped the concept fully, so I want to address it again. What is dark matter? We say “dark matter, dark matter”, that there is dark matter… what is dark matter anyway.

To say, it is any matter not quantifiable in the electromagnetic spectrum. Thus, dark matter is any matter that does not emit or interact with electromagnetic radiation such as light, and therefore, is invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Dark matter is not necessarily dark, though that was the conception at first. It is dark because it hasn’t been seen/observed. For all you know, dark matter is a belief of scientists.

In the beginning when God created the world, light and darkness were miscible, until well, God separated it/them (Genesis 1:2-5). Light and darkness dwelt together and were in each other, as to why this is, it is best to leave it unexplained.

Though light and darkness dwelt together, the worlds were still visible (cp. Genesis 1:2). This is because God sees through both darkness and in light; He does not need light to see. This is quite the state in which the world was after the first bang, as scientist postulate.

Dark matter does not obscure vision, I’ll explain. What this means is that we should be able to see through the vast expanse of the universe, though it is expanding. Perhaps we just don’t have the device to detect ‘objects’ in darkness yet. Dark matter isn’t obscuring our vision!? Would you believe it if I told you we have dark matter right here on earth, look no further.

When God separated the light from the darkness, the light was called day and the darkness night. Although there was light during the day, it still cast shadow(s) whenever an object stood in the way of the light, unless of course, it was closer to the source than to the screen. This phenomenon can best be explained by dark energy, an unknown form of energy that permeates through space and time.

If I haven’t asked, why do we have shadows? What is the phenomenon of shadows? What does it express or explain? In 1 John 1:5, we read that God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all. We also read in Revelation 22:5 that there will be no darkness in the new heaven and earth because of the light of the Lamb and of God that shines in it. Do you see anything missing?

In heaven with God or the new heaven and earth, there is neither darkness nor shadows… just light. I find and can explain that dark matter is not the absence of light but God. We have been able to make night visions that sees through the dark at night when there is no light at all, not even that of the moon… what prevents us from seeing to the outskirts of the universe? Is it dark energy? Maybe.

To say, dark matter isn’t the reason why we are not able to see through the expanse of the skies or space, neither dark energy. Where no light is, darkness prevails. Where God’s light isn’t, there is nothing really there except maybe ‘formless void’. But our God is a God that fills every void, both in our hearts and in space. Instead of seeking to know the unseen, why not ask God to shed His light on it so it will be known. God bless you.


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