Blessing God

Sometimes I hear people say “we bless God” and they say this when they appreciate what you said to them. But in literal terms, can we bless God referring to Hebrews 7:7– the less is blessed of the better?

The scriptures silently say that we can bless God with our substance, and pastors use this when they want you to sow seeds (cp. Proverbs 3:9). What substance do we have? Is it only in kind or it can be in cash too?  Well our substance is what we have with us. In the past, money was not always used for transaction; it was reserved as a precious treasure. When people brought ‘offerings’, it was usually in substance.

The reason for Paul’s saying in Hebrews 7:7 is because, you can’t bless when you don’t have- the less is blessed of the better. The one who has less is blessed by the one who has more, and this has always been the norm. The better or greater do not receive blessings from those they deem less; they would rather want them to reserve their riches for other personal use, as our custom is. An example of the greater blessing the lesser is in Acts 3:1-10, where Peter heals a lame man because he (Peter) had ‘more of grace’ than the lame man.

So, you can’t bless when you don’t have. This is a New Testament understanding that was known to the Old Testament folks, they practiced it. To the Old Testament folks, they could even bless God because they deemed it to be doing it to man. They could bless God so long as they had substance or owned themselves. Like the Bible speaks of them, these (Israelites) were stiff-necked people so it is no wonder they could say such things (cp. Psalms 103:1).

So long as you think of yourself as your own, you can bless God. But in the New Testament, you cannot say so. You cannot say so because Christ has bought you with his own blood and therefore owns you. Your life is not your own but Christ’s, your life is dead and the one you have now is Christ’s. Whatever you have now is not your own because you received it with/by grace, it is not your own unless you want to walk in the oldness of the letter.

What I’m trying to say is, “what can we bless God with that He’s not already given us? Whatever we have that we want to bless God with, He already gave it to us. He has more than we’ll ever have and so we can never bless Him.” Refer to Psalms 50:10-12.

All the same, that does not mean we should withhold our substance and not bless God with them. He is a jealous God who gets angry when we use our substance for selfish reasons. We can bless God not only by sending our substance to the church but also, using it to serve our community. God bless you because He’s greater and my blessings wouldn’t be/mean anything to you.


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