Women (Poem)

Women, who can know them? 

Cos we always see them 

And are never full of them

I had one and realized I had enough

Cos you never seem to know this stuff
Many books are written about them

Yet you never seem to understand them
“What is their problem?” you may be asking

“Nothing really”, you’re rather tasking
Yeah our women are hardworking

Even when the men are not working
With little they feed the whole family

And please this is not another homily
See, women are created by God

So they will be their man’s rod
By them, men act up and sit up

Becoming responsible like “what’s up”
Without them, men are like hesitant

Without them in their life, men are reluctant
See, women can sometimes be outrageous

And sometimes too, dangerous
Never lie with a woman

If you’re not prepared to be a man
Cos you will have to pay your due

Even if your monthly salary is few
This is not to say women are bad

They’re just something we never had
Women are good, and can be helpful sometimes

Especially when you’re facing hard times 

Virtuous women, who can find them?

They are to the men their anthem

Cos they always praise or applaud them


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