Removing The Dross

Take away the dross from the silver, and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer. (Proverbs 25:4)

We know that metals cannot be any purer if they have or there are dross on them. Our lives here on earth as believers are like metals, with sin and evil being the dross. If we do not purge ourselves from sin and evil, we become drossy and do not shine our brightest. Do you relate? (cp. Luke 11:36)

What is dross? They are the scum (dirt or waste matter) that forms on molten metal, which when hardened, prevents or hinders its sheen. Dross are not only filth or impurities but can be another metal pollutant. When extracting and purifying metals, smiths are careful in distilling them so they get the purest form of the metal(s) they want.

Our God is not any different. When He calls us in Christ Jesus, He is careful that He receives the best version of us, so that we wouldn’t be thrown away into the lake of fire but received into His Kingdom. Like the gardener, if we have to go into heaven ‘maimed’, our God prunes us so we can be useful to Him (cp. Matthew 5:29-30).

So I ask again, what metal are you? If you stay pure, God our Smith will use you and fashion you into a vessel for honour, a vessel that will be used to serve His great guests (cp. 2 Timothy 2:21). To tell you, it is an honour to stand before guests and minister to them, so are persons who are like – or comparable to – vessels.

What vessel are you? Cleanse yourself and Christ will ascertain how much use you can be to him. Remove the dross from your body by cleansing yourself, using holy water or baptizing yourself, and/or praying in the Spirit. Study the word and get to know the things that makes us spiritually filthy or that put blemishes on us, and take them out one after the other. In all you do, just make sure there is no dross on you. God bless you.


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