The First And Second Resurrection

It is a fact there is a resurrection which will happen on one day when God returns. The fact that Jesus Christ rose back from the dead proves that we all will one day rise from the dead, though our bodies is rotten (Ezekiel 37). In the bible, there is a silent doctrine on resurrection and I’m sure you are already conversant with them.


There is the resurrection, which will happen at the last day, where both good and evil men will rise from the dead and be judged by God. This is the great resurrection (my doctrine). It is great because on that day many people will be judged.

There is also the resurrection where only the saints in Christ will rise to meet the Lord, and then be kept in paradise, whilst the seven-year tribulation takes place. Some know this resurrection to be the rapture, in which those both living and dead in Christ will be raptured into heaven before the great tribulation.

In Revelation 20:1-5, John speaks of a first resurrection where those who partake in it will be reigning with Christ. The second resurrection, which is not mentioned but evident in Revelation 20:12-14 will be for judgment. Those who partake in the second resurrection will stand in judgment before the Great God.

I deem it to be the second resurrection because in it, those who will be resurrected will be cast into the lake of fire to die. It was therefore proper for John to call it instead the second death, which is also reasonable in the sense that these were first dead spiritually, and are this time going to die eternally.


These resurrections do not conflict at all; it’s just a matter of doctrine. They all fit their perfect piece if viewed in perspective or correctly. If you’re critical, you would realize that my rapture is not different from John’s first resurrection and also, that my great resurrection is somewhat identical to John’s second resurrection. That’s how it is.

The names of the first and second resurrections are gotten from the book of Revelation whilst the other names are gotten mostly from the epistles, where technical words are used. Refer to 1 Thessalonians 4:14-17, John 11:24 (cp. Daniel 12:2), and 1 Corinthians 15:51-52. God bless you.


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