Vessels For Destruction

You see that when we have vessels that are no longer of use to us, we throw them away or dash them to another. Well, God has no other god besides Him so He destroys His vessels when they’re not anymore profitable to Him.

There are vessels that have been reserved for destruction, because once upon a time, these vessels rebelled against God Almighty. In lieu of that, some other vessels became polluted in the process and which will or can be destroyed with the ones reserved. I guess you know who or which people I’m talking about- sinners.

Lucifer rebelled against God and in the process of his downfall, fell with a third of God’s holy angels. These angels are now referred to as fallen angels (rf. 2 Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6). They’re the principalities and powers that rule over the air and earth. Lucifer is the reason why sin is increasing in the world.

These vessels are ‘fitted’ for destruction as Romans 9:22 puts it, because they’re not worthy. In my view, they should have known better since they dwelt with God, lived in His presence and saw Him daily. For man who was born in innocence, God is a little soft on them but then, He cannot tolerate his iniquity.

As Isaiah 14:9-12 puts it, hell was prepared specially for them but it happened that man also fell short from grace and thus ended up in hell. However, like Jesus said, it was never in God’s intention to place man in hell. That does not mean those who sin or do not receive Christ will be spared of the lake of fire; no, they’ll not be spared.

So, these are the vessels for destruction, vessels which were once made by God but have now been turned to selfish use. These are not vessels that got marred in the process, because even God takes delight in repairing them. These are vessels that cannot be clean no matter how you clean them. These are vessels that once gave glory to God but now glorify the Devil. These vessels will be destroyed if they do not heed to God’s call to turn away from their sins (cp. Romans 1:18-28). God bless you.


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