Multiverse: Science And Religion

In this article, I want to discuss or bring out the facts about the multiverse in my own view. This article is a bridge of science and religion, so you may find some things discomfiting.

What is the multiverse? It is a hypothetical space or realm consisting of a number of universes, of which our own universe is only one, as Google defines it. In my opinion, it is the existence of other universes aside our own universe.

Here Is Science

To say, the multiverse is a concept of the splitting of our own universe. That is, the multiverse exist as one universe, which is what we are seeing, and they are also separable. I say this because the multiverse exists in each other. The other universe are not far away in a distance. Only sceptics will say (lie to) that because we don’t yet have the telescopes to see beyond or far into our own universe.

So, the multiverse is actually one, but vibrate in/at different frequencies. There are an infinite number of them; as many of them as there are, it’s just unthinkable or unimaginable. As they exist in each other, it explains why there are not so many things happening at the same time. Because, one thing happening in one universe is not happening in another and therefore, there can be many things happening at the same time but in different worlds or universes.

Again, if the universes were to merge, it would be a chaos because they would ‘bang’ into each other. The only reason why they are not banging into each other is because these universes exist/vibrate at different frequencies. “Now what is all this frequencies about?” you may say.

Take a cube; do you know that this cube is holding itself together because of the frequency in which it was compressed? If the cube should be vibrated or shaken at the frequency at which it was compressed to hold itself together, it would fall apiece. That is, it would disintegrate into molecules.

Now consider the multiverse as one compressed multiple universes, should they vibrate at the same frequency, they would crash into each other and there might not even be a universe for us to dwell in. That’s how the multiverse is. Though several, they phase in each other and so they do not crash.

Now you may be thinking or asking, what’s the proof that the multiverse exists or that there is a multiverse or other universes besides our universe? Well, have you taken a closer look at your eye? Our eyes are only able to see what light dawns on it. As at now, human beings are not able to see in ‘total darkness’. That is to say that we can only see as far as the electromagnetic spectrum permits. Now consider the Spirit of God dawning on us, we will be able to see things that are not visible to other eyes. This is where science ends and religion comes in, for me.

Here Comes Religion

Spiritually, there are other worlds besides our world. There is the underworld, where everything that happens there is much like what we have here on earth. The underworld is where Satan and his agents work. There is heaven, where God and his angels dwell; there is nothing like it in any other world. And then there is earth, which is where we are now.

There is a spiritual world besides this physical world which we see with our naked eye. Everything in this spiritual world is much like the physical we are seeing, and they phase into each other. In other words, they exist concurrently (alongside each other).

Now those who have spiritual eyes will tell you that we (human beings) are not the only ones living on this earth, there are spirits that live with us. Those who have eyes i.e. the spiritual eye are able to see these spirits in this physical earth. If you’re not spiritual, all I say henceforth may be nonsense to you.

These spirits are able to breach into our earth and live here as though they are a part of us, both animals and humans alike. ‘Those in heaven’ (angels) can come here on earth and live as though they are humans too (rf. Genesis 18). It is only we human beings that are trapped in this earth because we do not know the way to them. But, those with spiritual eyes can distinguish ‘earth inhabitants’ from intruders. “Now what has this got to do with the multiverse?”

The fact that we are able to see other beings not from here means that there are other worlds (universes). They may or may not look like ours. The fact that we have spiritual eyes proves that there is a dimension greater or higher than our three-dimensional world. Like the frequencies I mentioned in the science column, these dimensions is what differentiates what happens here from what happens there. Have I convinced you enough?

There is a saying that anything that moves at the speed of light is invisible to the eye. Well I can say this is the dimension these spirits live- the invisible dimension. Because they are invisible to our naked eyes, they must be living or existing in another realm inconspicuous to our senses, except those who are spiritual.


So, this is my submission on the multiverse. I hope I’ve been able to let it make sense to you now. There is a multiverse, and the fact that you cannot see or prove it does not mean it does not exist. The multiverse exists but in a dimension not yet calculable or reachable with our current technology. Maybe someday, we will be able to travel into other dimensions. God bless you.


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