The Testimony Of Jesus Christ

In church, testimonies are very powerful tools God and the pastor uses in spreading the word. When you have a testimony, you show that God is alive and at work. Today, I want to consider something that is peculiar to the book of Revelation – the testimony of Jesus Christ.

What is the testimony of Jesus Christ? The testimony of Jesus Christ is the Gospel, which is what testifies about him. Like as it is in biographies, the Gospel testifies about the life and works of Jesus Christ. It is what testifies of the person of Christ, his divinity and reality of human nature, of the harmonious unity between the divine and the human, of his office as a prophet, priest and king, of the things he suffered or endured for his people, and of the blessings of grace he ministered to them.

All the places that the testimony of Jesus Christ is mentioned, it was written or said by people who had obtained it. They held the Gospel in their hands, because it is the keys to the Kingdom. They had it with them, in their hearts as a spiritual assurance, and walked with it. They held it steadfast and did not let it go so they would be made partakers with Christ. They did not just keep it to themselves, but made a profession of it publicly.

Do you bear witness to the testimony? Would you profess it if you had the chance? We all have the testimony of Jesus Christ in us, not because we are endowed or have a special calling. The testimony of Jesus Christ starts with what you know, what you have heard or read yourself. Start with that as a witness and you will be part of those that keep the commandments of God.

In Revelation 19:10, the testimony of Jesus Christ is the very spirit of prophecy. His words, which are contained in the book of Revelation are prophetic, and they are the very words of Jesus, which he sent his angel to testify through John to the churches unto the end of the world.

You can be a part of this sure word of prophecy if you take up the sword of the Spirit and fight forward. There are many blessings you will reap in the process- the ultimate blessing being eternal life. God bless you.


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