Why Some Are Leaders

Perhaps you may have realized that some people are chosen as leaders whilst others are not. Perhaps you may have realized that there are some qualities that are peculiar to leaders, though not in all. Well this article seeks to tell you why some are chosen as leaders and others are not.

  1. They learn aside their job; one thing about leaders is that they are studious. They never stop learning though they do not show it in front of their subordinates. Have you ever wondered why your boss seems to know everything you ask? Well this is the(-ir) secret. They do not only have the qualifying degrees but have a wide knowledge
  2. They are a no-nonsense persons; one characteristic about good leadership is that they are serious minded. There is time for joke and they make time for joke but when it comes to business, they are serious and wholly focussed on it. This trait separates leaders from co-workers
  3. They are people oriented; that is, they are people persons or into people. A good leader is one who cares about his staff, not only on the job but also outside work. When there is employee engagement, work output increases because employees are confident about themselves. This is what leaders are good at especially
  4. They are emotionally intelligent; emotional intelligence is one key principle that differentiates leaders from others- the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions when necessary, being able to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Like we say, “do not mix your personal issues with business” or “let’s be professional about this”, leaders know how to go about situations
  5. They are self-motivated; leaders plan and execute plans on their own accord, and whatever they do is good or for the betterment of the business. They do not act upon another’s instinct or motion, they work when they have to and always find something to work on or improve

So these are some of the few qualities that separates leaders from ordinary workers. By following these qualities, perhaps you will be next in becoming a leader. I  hope you’ve learnt something for yourself, stay blessed.


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