There are many kings that have desired to be priests as well but couldn’t and weren’t able, because they were not righteous enough. For the Israelites, only the tribe of Levi were chosen for the priesthood office because of Moses and Aaron, who were of the same tribe. For us the church or as believers, we all have been chosen as priests too. In this note, we shall look at the kings and priests that rule in this dispensation.

Revelation 1:5-6 makes it clear that all saints are king-priests i.e. they are kings and they are priests. So to say, I St. Albert XIV am a king-priest. I’m a king priest because of the blood which Jesus Christ shed for me on the Cross of Calvary. I’m a king-priest because of the love of Christ, who was a king and a priest himself. We’re all king-priests, so the dominion and glory will go to Christ and His Father for ever and ever. Why is that? As Christ was, made by the Father, so has he made us in him, so we can be one, united.

The kingship of the believer cannot be denied, as we realize in Galatians 4:1-7. We are only servants now because we’ve not yet being glorified by Christ (Romans 8:30). When Christ comes, then will we exercise our authority as kings because we’ve once served him (Revelation 20:4). Already, some believers exercise their faith as kings but there’s no rash. When the time comes, we’ll reign where we’ve served (cp. Luke 19:16-19).

Again, the priesthood of the believer cannot be denied. That we are kings and priest to God shows in our relation towards the world. As the Levites were to a rebellious Israel, so are we believers in a sinful world. We ‘stand in the gap’ for people so they’ll not be destroyed altogether. We are the reason why the world isn’t destroyed utterly, because there are yet much persons that need to be saved.

Are you a king and are you a priest? If you are a believer in Christ, you are a king-priest. This is the time to rise up and exercise your authority as a king and a priest. Like one brother said, the church is not a refrigerator for you to feel cool in; the church is an incubator so you can hatch more believers for Christ. Get up and get going, God bless you.


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